Mind Altering Experience in Machu Picchu, Peru

The human mind is a very strange thing and it is the fastest traveling object in the universe. Often the mind is our greatest friend and at times, our worst enemy. It is often told that one should control one’s mind but it is not always easy. So there is this natural cure to help with the onset of the ayahuasca brew which is a native to the jungle of the Amazons. People travel from far and wide to Machu Picchu Peru for a life altering experience and also enjoy the exotic locations. In fact, the learned shamans of this region are known for the flawless dedication to their work. The Machu Picchu retreat is one of the more happening ayahuasca resorts which draws clients from all over the world.

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Many people have reported feeling extremely rejuvenated and relaxed after a yage session. It is made from the banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna plants which contain psychotropic elements like MAIOs and DMT which can revive long buried childhood memories. There are studies which have shown that it has helped with serious ailments like cancer and even mental problems like depression, anger issues and many more. With the intake of this psychedelic brew, you can be feeling groggy and drowsy while you reach the other side of your consciousness. However, people with other morbid medical conditions should be aware of what they are getting into. In fact, anyone who takes this ayahuasca trip should be well read, well informed and extremely aware. There are many people who take it as a joke and wish to experiment. Similarly, there are evil shamans who try to exploit their so called power.

End word

The ayahuasca healing is one of the most important aspects of the naturally healing medical discoveries. So researches and studies are on to further highlight this gift of nature for the other kind of medical break- through. The Shipibo tribes are one of the most renowned and famous Peruvian tribes who are known for their knowledge. So this is one tribe which should be tried out and experimented with if you are seeking an ayahuasca treatment. You can find more details on the link and read up more about the resorts in Peru. The ayahuasca if correctly researched can be a path breaker to a wonderful new world ahead.