What are the things you should avoid while your tour to Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert Safari Dubai has become one of the most sought-after and highly recommended tourist destinations in Dubai. Travelers from all over the globe who travel to Dubai do not miss the opportunity to enjoy their time in the vast desert of golden sands. They can also explore the captivating nature and wildlife of the desert.

It is an enjoyable and thrilling experience for those with a wide range of adrenaline levels. It is packed with exciting sports, like dune bashing, sandboarding, dune bugging, and traditional and cultural activities, like camel rides. 

Thus, any tourist who is visiting Dubai should plan their trip to discover the desert landscape as well as it’s an incredible way to experience the culture of the region in a fascinating and exciting way. Due to the increasing popularity of this destination, there are more and more tourists who plan their trips to visit the vast dunes of sand in Dubai in soaring. 

Camel Riding in Dubai

Even though you’re immersed in the thrilling and exciting, security must be the main concern. Here are some crucial safety measures that every tourist must follow to enjoy an exciting desert safari in a safe manner. 

Important guidelines that need to be taken into consideration for a safe and enjoyable adventure

  • Check that the expensive stuff that you’ve brought with you is secure. It is advised not to carry valuable items like jewelry or laptop in order to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios. 
  • Have a first aid kit with essential medicines since the desert climate area is very different between both the day and night.
  • Keep your important documents, like passports or other identity proof. However, you should be sure to protect your documents as you dive into the excitement of safari. 
  • It is strongly recommended to avoid desert safaris without an expert guide. 
  • Make sure to save all emergency numbers on your phone in order to be connected immediately in the event of any issues or if you are stuck. While the probability of the occurrence of such events is extremely low, it is our obligation to be prepared throughout the entire process. 
  • Be careful not to bring pregnant women with you, as it is very risky to do so during dune bashing or other thrilling activities that are quite sensitive in such cases. 
  • Although there isn’t an age limit for taking a trip through the vast sand dunes of the desert safari, it is safer to bring children younger than five years.
  • Possessing any type of drug on your person is strictly prohibited. Make sure to adhere to this rule to avoid any serious side effects. 
  • Do not get involved in your driver’s job and try not to force them to perform tasks for which they do not have the expertise to perform.
  • Don’t bring arms or weapons to avoid situations that could ruin your trip.

Dress code to Follow for Desert Safari Dubai:

  1. Wear comfortable and loose clothes and stay clear of formal dress.
  2. The desert temperatures shoot up in the daytime, and it is advised to wear light-colored dresses. Also, wear jackets and wraps to cool down in the evening. 
  3. Flip-flops and open sandals are recommended as your preferred footwear to prevent the pain and discomfort that comes with walking by the sands.
  4. It is advisable to carry an eyeglass and a hat that will shield you from the scorching heat.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you to capture the stunning moments in your life. 

Safety Precautions to be followed while participating in Desert safari Dubai?

  • Dune bashing is a thrilling activity in the desert safari. So do not forget to strip yourself of your safari car.
  • Eat a healthy meal prior to kicking off your journey. Also, ensure that you’ve had a light meal that won’t upset your stomach. When riding in the 4×4 wheeler over huge dunes of sand up and down the sand dunes, eating heavy food could cause nausea. 
  • Do not hesitate to follow the advice of your guide before beginning your adventure. 
  • Dune bashing isn’t to be advised for women who are pregnant or children, as well as those suffering from heart issues back pain because of its bumpy and rough appearance. 
  • If you suffer from any type of, allergy or illness, be sure to inform your tour guide before it gets too late. 
  • Ensure you are well-groomed and observe the rules of engagement in a sport like sandboarding, dune bugging, and even camel rides.