Reasons to visit Menorca 

The popularity of Menorca has reached new heights recently. It has happened because there are many people of Mallorca and Ibiza who have now abandoned all the crowded coastlines and overdevelop resorts and now they are drifting in the eastward direction in order to search the untouched and pristine Island. The reasons why one needs to visit Menorca are stated below:

  1. One can encounter that the development of mass tourism of Menorca is much lesser than any other place. In the year 1993, Menorca was declared to be the biosphere reserve by UNESCO. This is the prime reasons why the islands of this place have a lot of genuine oases that are filled with unspoiled beauty. Every year only 1 million tourists will visit Menorca.
  2. The designation of the biosphere reserve given by UNESCO has allowed the island that is present here to completely protect it of the natural landscape. There are several species like peregrine falcons, secretive pine marten, and the turtles who are thriving in five different reserves and beautiful parks of this place.
  3. The islands of this place are worth visiting. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, then you will have to reach Balearics. It is the hotspot of several sun seekers because of the temperature that one will experience during the summer season and it has the coastal climate. One will experience a cold climate that will start in October and will last till May. So whenever you are visiting Menorca you are getting a lot of sunlight and you can enjoy the best sunrises along with the views of the Med.
  4. Ciutadella is the original capital of Menorca. This place is filled with old towns where each of the places is having historical building combined with busy cafes and fantastic shops. Do visit the Santa Maria cathedral, which was built in the 13 century. One can encounter some beautiful architecture in this place.
  5. This place is encircled by the Mediterranean water and hence the island is famous for seafood. Whenever you are in this place, make sure you are tasting the stew of the local lobster, which is a traditional and the most delicious dish of this place. There are other local places where you can eat pork sausage served with paprika and many more.

These are some prime reasons why people are visiting Menorca to spend a splendid vacation in various villas in Menorca.