Four Mistakes to Avoid when Grilling Steaks

Grilling your favourite meat and vegetables with your family and friends is always an exciting experience. But, you cannot mess up the fun by making common grilling mistakes. Knowing these mistakes beforehand will help you avoid them. When grilling, makes to avoid the following mistakes to get the most delicious grilled meat:

Failing to Learn How to Operate the BBQ

In terms of grilling, it is important to understand whether to grill with the lid or off, how to know when you can start cooking on charcoal, and whether to have the charcoal grill vent open or closed. If you are not sure about how to operate your BBA, make sure to find instructions before you start barbecuing. Don’t operate your BBQ if you don’t know how to. It’s best to order your steaks from Rib n reef

When searing steaks, the lid must be kept open but you must pay close attention to it. You can close the lid after moving the steaks to indirect heat. Often, foods that tend to cook quickly like vegetables, fish, and hot dogs can be cooked with the lid open the whole time. 

Charcoal is ready for grilling when it is at an even temperature. Move the charcoals around with a poker tool. If the majority of the charcoals have turned white without producing smoke, they should be ready for cooking. The charcoal vents should be open if you want it very hot. This is especially important when searing steaks. But, you can leave it partially opened when you have to lower the temperature.

Not Knowing How to Keep the Charcoal Grill Hot

This is necessary to avoid having the meat turning into a crispy hockey puck. Good grilling is about getting a nice sear and letting the internal meat get to temperatures efficiently while maintaining some juiciness. As the charcoal turns gray on its edges, move it around with your poker tool. 

Not Using a Clean Grill

Before you begin cooking, you must season your grates; however, they should not be dirty. A dirty grill will affect the taste of your leftover food on the grill and is a serious health hazard as it may have bacteria sitting there since your last grilling sessions. Make sure to clean the grill after every use.

Flipping the Steaks Constantly

You must only flip a steak once through the cooking process. Just lift it up slightly to ensure the first side is fully seared before you flip to the other side. Generally, it can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes on each side to get the desired crisp, depending on your steak cut.