What to Look For when Ordering Barbecue at a Restaurant

There are many reasons people love barbecues. The savory sauce that drips off the meat is just so tempting. When the smell of the meat after it has been smoked or grilled for hours is absolutely irresistible. This is the reason restaurants like Jarry Smoked Meat Montreal has made a name for themselves. Their smoked meat set them apart from others and customers come back over and over to eat there. If you are in the mood for barbecue and want to get it from a restaurant and deli, here’s what you should look for in their offerings:

Properly Cooked Brisket

Only the best restaurant and deli can cook briskets properly. The cut of meat has a grain which runs in two different directions. This makes it difficult to cook to tender perfection. A properly cooked brisket has some elasticity when you pick up a piece and pull it. 

Well-Done Ribs

When you visit a BBQ restaurant for ribs, make sure the meat has a crispy, caramelised exterior and a tender interior. When the rib falls off the bone, it could mean it has been overcooked. The best ribs should let you bite off a piece of meat easily; however, not too easily. 

Real Burnt Ends

A lot of restaurants are fulfilling the demand for charred, trimmed ends of the brisket. They cube and flash-grill brisket to make instant burnt ends which are meatier. But, real burnt ends are crispy and almost all char.

Good Pulled Pork

You can get pulled pork either chopped by hand or machine. What you must ensure is that you get to be served with tender pork instead of mushy. Meat that is very soft has been overcooked. Good pulled pork features a great harmony of meat flavour, spices, and smoke.

Some Barbecue Sauce but Not Too Much

At some restaurants, you get to be served with barbecue that is drowning in sauce. But, if you want real barbecue, you should ask to get nothing more than meat and smoky flavour. And if you need a sauce, ask for some instead of many that you could take a bath with it. Barbecue sauce is always nice for dripping. 

Properly Done Coleslaw

Real barbecue should always be served with coleslaw. Whether you want it vinegary or sugary, the cabbage must be crisp and green and smell fresh. It should have just enough mayonnaise to compliment the meat.