Cruising at Barbados? Don’t Forget to Try these 4 Things!

Barbados is an island which is famous for a lot of reasons. It is loaded with the most exquisite beaches, picturesque landscapes, and the friendliest locals you will ever meet. It is situated on the west of North Atlantic and has 3000 hours of sunshine on a yearly basis. Such factors make this island a perfect holiday getaway and cruise lines too. If you are inclined to the latter, here are the things you must try.

  1. Island Safari

As Barbados is loaded with coasts and dramatic landscape, the best way to explore the island is going on an island safari. This is particularly suggested by Menu Barbados when you have a few hours on the port. Island safari is the best way to explore the island. You will be taken in comfortable jeep vehicles that can navigate all roads easily. The safari takes you to the unexplored countryside on the northern and eastern coasts. A great combination of land and sea tour begins with land and ends on sea amid the stunning west coast. You may also spot turtles.

  1. Swim with the turtles

Certainly, exploring Barbados above the surface is beautiful, but it goes beyond if you choose to explore it underwater. Swim in with the turtles and explore Barbados from their perspective. One should never miss this experience when in Barbados. Spend a few hours with the sea creatures. There are many sail tours that provide such experience. Do a bit of your due diligence to fit the right one for you.

  1. Explore Wenchman Hall Gully

Do visit this place when in Barbados. Explore nature as the early men did 300 years ago. Minus the hustle bustle of daily life, this place is worth a visit. There is a tropical rain forest which was once a part of cave system on shaded paths. Explore the rarest of flora and fauna. Ensure to carry a travel bug spray at all costs as it could be a tad bit costly on the cruise. Make the most of the stunning views of the east coast.

  1. Hunte’s Gardens

In the middle of the jungle on St Joseph’s hill lays a mystical garden called Hunte’s Garden. You can combine this visit by going to Welchman Hull Galley. Hunte’s Garden is loaded with beautiful and rare exotic plants. Make the most of the peace and tranquility while exploring the rarest fauna and flora.