Are you planning to set sail alone? Well, it has perks and pitfalls which are part of traveling. It can be a little expensive for single supplement and there are extra fees paid by just you especially if you want to stay in a cabin which originally can accommodate two people. It can be a drawback however, that’s something you should not focus on as you embark on your dream vacation. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you have a wonderful cruising experience. And if you want to monitor your chosen cruise line’s ship, you can do so with the help of Get essential information about it and even real-time updates. Besides, you can access those even with just your phone.We’ve listed here the things every solo cruiser should be aware of. Let’s start.
Not everyone can understand and just let it be

You may encounter fellow cruisers who are confused about why you’re on board without any companion. Others may see it that you’re strong enough to be by yourself why others not. They may even feel sorry for you which shouldn’t be the case. Going on a cruise is your choice and it doesn’t mean that being solitary means you’re also not happy. There’s no need to explain yourself or argue about this. Remember, you’re on a cruise vacation. Do whatever you like and enjoy every single moment of it.

Attend socially stimulating programs and activities

Always check the daily onboard program. On several days, some cruise line companies prepared an event that is specifically for those solo travelers. It can either be great or stink, depending on one’s preference. Besides, you have nothing to lose if you’ll attend some or even all of it. It is recommended that you go on one of the activities being offered. Sometimes there’s the single mingle event. Other activities can also happen in the dining room wherein you’ll be able to socialize and make a couple of good friends. You wouldn’t know maybe on the succeeding days those people will be your companion when you eat, grab your favorite drinks or even in exploring the ports.

Not all seat-seating dining will guarantee you table companions

You may experience that when you dine alone, you have to resist those inquisitive looks on you and even pitiful glances. Some waiters may even ask you if you’re just alone and be slightly confused. There are instances that your fellow solo traveler that is supposed to be on your table might decide not to go. Later on, you’ll surely meet a couple of friends that can add up in creating a good ambiance onboard and a great experience. When this happens, it can save you from further embarrassment.

The perks of having the entire cabin all for yourself

You can leave whatever stuff you want. You don’t need to organize your things from time to time. You can also decide on what TV show you want to watch without taking into consideration the opinion of the other cruiser if you’re sharing on a single cabin. Also, you can determine the wakeup time appropriate for you every single day.  

Escape your normal routine for a while

Not all solo cruisers have the goal of meeting someone on board. Others might just want to escape something or the scenario where they are currently in. If you want to spend a peaceful and much tranquil cruise vacation plus your intention to be unnoticed, there are various spots onboard where you can hide. It can be on the libraries, internet cafes, and even those off-the-beaten-path lounges. You can also check and request for the dining time and even table that you prefer. This idea will save you from having a force conversation to other passengers on board which you don’t know.

Embarking solo is not equal to embarking as single

Not all solo cruisers bought a cruise package to find the love of their life. Some just preferred to travel alone and meet a couple of new people coming from the different parts of the world. While others might not be able to make the trip due to some valid reasons. Those descriptions fall for the solo cruiser. For a single cruise, it can be that you’ve broken up with some and to forget the pain and escape for a while you just decided to go on a cruise trip. It can be that none of your friends afford to join you on your cruise vacation that’s why you just go by yourself.

Discovering onboard clubs

To better provide you with an overview of the clubs and even its location, you can check the map or the corresponding cruise line app. Here, you’ll see tons of cruisers enjoying great music. It’s one of the nice places to sit and have your favorite drink. If you want, you can start a conversation with strangers. You’ll surely find yourself dancing on the beat and showcase your signature moves.

Challenge yourself

Yes, embarrassment can be a great icebreaker. Challenge yourself and join some of the belly-flop competitions onboard. You’ll surely be recognized by your cruisers. This is your time to conquer a thing that you’ve never done before. Don’t be shy and believe in yourself. You can sing on karaoke, try the surfing simulator, volunteer on stage or even join a dance class. Remember, nobody knows you and most likely you’ll not see your fellow cruisers again. Always think of the brighter side of this.