5 Bali Unique Things You Have To Know Before Holidays

Bali, as a favorite tourist destination in Indonesia, has several attractions which make tourists constantly wish for a holiday in Bali. Along with the attractiveness of scenery, it is also possible to find many exciting vacation activities in Bali, including Bali holiday tours, bike tours, and watersports at Tanjung Benoa.

Did you know that the thing that created the island of Bali to become renowned as a tourist place wasn’t due to its natural beauty and the numerous holiday activities out there. But due to the uniqueness of culture and art in Bali. With this page, we’ll outline five specific items that just exist in Bali which you do not see in different regions. Additionally, if you’re arranging a holiday to Bali, understanding a listing of five unique items that just exist in Bali can assist you in organizing your holiday because particular occasions in Bali do not exist daily.

  1. Omed-Omedan – Mass in Sesetan

The title of the yearly tradition is known as Omed-omedan, which can be referred to as ritual kissing. So I wished to return, but I could not since it was just for individuals who were not married.

Omed-omedan is Balinese, though it signifies fascination. The Omed-omedan convention is completed annually, which can be just one day after Nyepi Day. As you can just locate the Omed-omedan convention in Bali, I place it at number one at the record of five unique items that just exist in Bali.

All participants of this Omed-omedan ritual are members of their Kaja Sesetan banjar, Denpasar. Before the execution of this Omed-omedan convention, young folks by the Kaja Sesetan banjar would begin the temple to acquire security.

One individual will be chosen between both groups of women and men, then the selected participants will confront both sides and be attracted together. The two participants may lock their lips kissing while still being splashed with water.

  1. Mekepung (Buffalo Race)

Mekepung is a buffalo racing tradition held in Jembrana district, West Bali. A hundred pairs of buffalo compete to get the finish line first, controlled by a jockey. Every pair of water buffalo will be connected to a wooden plateau.

Mekepung starts in the morning around 07.30 and the racing event lasts about five hours. The Mekepung buffalo racing event is usually held in July, August, September, October, and November, and twice a month.

  1. Ogoh-Ogoh Parade

One day before Nyepi, there’s a Balinese Hindu procession named Ngerupuk/Pengerupukan. Even the Pengerupukan ritual is performed in every single village on the island of Bali. On the day, the natives will parade on the Ogoh-Ogoh around the street.

Then what is Ogoh-ogoh? Ogoh-ogoh is a type of giant statue but produced of soft material so that it’s simple for wine. For the Ogoh-ogoh frame utilizing wood and also for the contour utilizing Styrofoam then coated using cloth and paper, therefore it’s simple to parade. Now there are lots of Ogoh-ogoh forms, the majority of which are now still giants.

  1. Giant

The months of July and August were picked to hold the Bali Kite Festival because the wind began to get more powerful in these months. Aside from the end variable, July and August will be the high time for tourist excursions to Bali. The kite festival in Bali brings millions of people, especially tourists.

The uniqueness of this festival in Bali is the huge size of this kite. After flying, the kite will probably be accompanied by blaring music in the Balinese gamelan named Baleganjur. The location of this kite festival is generally about the Padang Galak shore and Sanur Beach.

  1. Penjor

In case you’ve got a holiday to Bali through Galungan, then you will understand an exceptional decoration in the kind of bamboo sticks along the primary street, known as Penjor. In the opinion of tourists, Penjor is a distinctive cultural heritage in Bali. Decorations are created from complete pine and bamboo is adorned with leaflets and other ornaments.

In the conclusion of Penjor, there’s a flower decoration named Sampian. The blossom decorations are wrapped with foliage attached, so it is long dangling. Following the Penjor ribbon is finished, the Balinese will set up bamboo sticks facing their various houses.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.