Fun Activities that Adults can Learn and Enjoy with Friends



It’s a fundamental building block of our DNA to spend time with others and participating in activities together not only heightens our enjoyment of them but it also helps us to meet new friends. That’s why we’re going to discuss different kinds of outdoor activities that lend themselves to socialising

Culinary Education

Most Britains know how to prepare regular fare for lunch or tea, but what about something more exotic? Joining a cooking class will most assuredly improve your skills in the kitchen and it will certainly impress your friends next time you invite them over for a home-cooked meal. There are many courses that cater to specific regions of the UK too, helping residents learn more about their local geography and history through food.

Cycling in the Countryside

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, take comfort in the fact that you’re never too old to learn. Cycling is a great outdoor activity that can be practised solo, with your partner, or in a larger group. It’s also an excellent way to stay in shape without a great deal of impact on your joints. Travelling at your own pace on either a single or tandem bike allows you to view life from a different perspective, especially when you’re biking through the UK with its magnificent countryside and many trails across beautiful landscapes.

Paddle Boarding

An activity that is quickly gaining popularity is paddling boarding. This sport can be practised either by lying down, kneeling, or standing, making it easy for those less able to take on physically demanding activities. Seasoned boarders can then take to the oceans to enjoy the salty air while also getting a solid workout. Beginners are likely to find themselves better suited to calmer waters such as lakes or wide rivers. Some boards are big enough for two making paddleboarding a great couple’s activity. 

Hit The Right Note

Many musical legends hail from the UK, from The Beatles to Queen. It’s no wonder that music festivals and other music-related activities are a huge attraction to both locals and tourists alike. It doesn’t matter what your ‘jam’ is, you’re bound to find it catered to in the UK with a dedicated live music scene. If you’re brave enough, practice your favourite artist’s song in the mirror and then head off to a karaoke bar to perform in front of a crowd of those closest to you. Music always brings people together.


Challenge your friends to a day of clay pigeon shooting. This is a wonderful activity that improves hand-eye coordination, and also teaches patience as timing is often key to hitting the target. For a group who has never taken part in this outdoor sport, it really levels the playing field because gender, age, and physical attributes don’t count – skill does. 

There are numerous other activities you can enjoy in Britain; sadly, we can’t list them all. We hope that what we have discussed has to whet your appetite to do something different and with friends, or to make new ones!