Why people have a huge amount of love for overnight camping

People search for peace their whole loves either in places or in people. Most people go on vacation to relax and to get some peace. The most difficult choice to make is to select a place for vacations, a place which can relax you and a place which can hire you enough amount of peace. It always remains a difficult choice. Now if you are already on this page then I would like to tell you about a place and experience that can give you enough amount of peace on your vacation. The name of that place is Desert Safari. This desert is found here in the city of Dubai. This desert is open for visitors all day and night. It has many things to offer. But among all the things overnight camping is the best one amongst all. I would like to tell you about how the overnight camping experience is and what the activities that are done there are. 

All about the amazing experience of overnight camping at desert Safari Dubai:

The night is that time which is the most peaceful one in normal days as well. Just imagine spending your night at a place which is already famous for being peaceful. It would be a double effect of the peace that you will get at that time. Overnight camping is that part of desert safari which can calm a heart and soul easily. You will get to enjoy the fire camp activities here. You will fall in love worth the vibes when you will be sitting on the Arabian carpets on the sand dunes of desert safari and when the desert will be al covered in the dark but because of lanterns, it would also be lit up. You will find that place the best one at that time. 

Know about the activities of overnight camping:
Overnight camping is also famous for its activities. The activities that are a part of this night camping are the one which is I guess made for night camping only. I will tell about each activity one by one below.

Tanoura dance:
This dance is the specialty of overnight camping. This is a kind of Sufi dance in which people wear a long white frock and give their performance by moving round and round on light music. 

Fire show:
This is the best experience here. You will fall in love with the vibe that you will get where you will see an amazing play of fire strings done by the fire show experts there at a desert safari in night camping, 

Belly dancing:
Want to see the most entertaining activity here at desert safari? Come here at night camping and see this dance. You will love t see how professionally it is performed here. 

Henna art:
If someone wants to make their hands look beautiful without any painful procedure should go for henna art here.BBQ dinner:
The last but the best part of night camping. Taste it and love it. 

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