Street Food to Enjoy While Visiting the Korean City Seoul 

Korean cuisine is gradually becoming one of the top choices for foodies worldwide. Their native food is vastly available in every major city in the world, however to taste the authentic Korean dish you must plan to visit Seoul.

Few popular dishes of Seoul that will lure you to visit the place:


It is spicy rice cake having fish and sweet red chili sauce as the main ingredients. It is served like a spicy soup broth quite soft and juicy to relish. 


This dish is a grilled pork belly BBQ. The grilled pork is seasoned with varied ingredients as per the wish of restaurant’s customer. 


It is a grilled meat served with a vegetable wrap of lettuce or perilla leaves. You can have it with seasoned fermented bean paste or have it with raw onion and salted garlic. 


The main course dish is pan fried chicken cooked with chili pepper paste. Even veggies like cabbage, scallions, onion, potato and perilla leaves are added with the rice cake while served. Some popular street foodie vendors serve chicken cheesy rice cake with noodles. 


A young chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice boiled in broth having ginseng, garlic, ginger, dried jujube fruits and various healthy herbs. It is known to be summer food, a hot dish to beat the internal heat of the boy. 


The chicken and other vegetables used are marinated in soya sauce before cooking them in spicy hot broth. The chicken stew is usually served along with rice cake and glassy noodles. 


It is a lip-smacking ice dessert topped with seasonal fruits or fruit syrup. This street dessert is made of frozen milk sometimes layered with red bean paste. 

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