What Cruise Lines Offer Great Lakes Cruises

The Great Lakes of North America cover an area of 94,000 square miles offering an opportunity to explore and discover all the region has to offer. From islands, historic sites, to breath-taking views and top attractions featured in itineraries of the Great Lakes cruise lines.

That being the case, there are a variety of cruise lines in this region, each offering unique itineraries and amenities. Nevertheless, these cruise lines feature luxurious cruise trips along the tranquil waters of the Great lakes while you make the most out of your trip. There are several elegant cruise lines that offer Great Lakes cruises that will provide you with scenic tours to last a lifetime of memories.

Victory Cruise Lines 

This cruise line features ships that are built for easier navigation of the canals, locks and ports of the Great Lakes. Additionally, these ships can hold a maximum of 202 guests inclusive of the staff, allowing travellers to have an intimate experience while they enjoy a glass of free wine or beer. 

Furthermore, victory cruise lines offer an all-inclusive shore excursion in each of their destinations. Some of their amazing perks include: Guided tours by local historians and naturalists who hold deep knowledge of the region’s immersive history and cultural heritage and Excursion on a luxurious motor coach. 

Pearl Seas Cruises 

Pearl Seas cruise line features a sun deck, fitness and a library lounge to make your experience a memorable one regardless of your choice of entertainment. Additionally, each of their meals is prepared using locally-sourced ingredients by professionally trained chefs. 

Also, this cruise line provides beverages and snacks to its travelers throughout the day and an evening cocktail party while you interact with other travelers. This cruise line is also unique in its way as its stateroom and suites feature a full-sized ensuite bathroom, individual balconies and full-length sliding glass doors to ensure you enjoy the fascinating views along the tranquil waters of this region.

Viking Expedition Cruises 

From one of the world’s largest river cruise lines, Viking Expedition Cruises offer a blend of elegance and comfort as you sail through the Great Lakes in Scandinavian style. This cruise line features a wide area for sightseeing both indoor and outdoor to ensure travelers never miss an opportunity to experience spectacular views of the region. 

Additionally, travelers onboard a Viking Expedition Cruise can choose a dining option from the six available options offered by the cruise line at no extra cost. This cruise line also features some of the best expedition equipment for exploration such as 2-seater kayaks, Zodiacs and a Hangar.

Windstar Cruises

Nothing quite compares to Windstar cruise travel, this cruise line has been in existence since 1984, offering travelers the best-tailored experiences, making it one of the best small ship cruise lines in the industry. Onboard the Star Pride ship, which is one of the largest ships among Great Lakes cruises, travelers can enjoy luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool and hot tub, water sports, fitness centre, 24/7 room service and much more.


These cruise lines offer an exciting way to sail through the Great Lakes of North America. Whether it is a Victory cruise, Windstar cruise or a Viking cruise, your experience will be memorable but also one full of luxurious amenities rivalling those of 5-star hotels.