What Ships Offer European River Cruises?

Cruises along the European rivers are extraordinary and incomparable. These magical rivers provide a natural scenic path to historic old towns, bustling metropolises, and adventurous country sides. It’s an epic journey that takes you through the best of each country and deep into the heart of the continent’s treasures. From winding rivers to the spectacular pastoral countryside to modern first-world cities, there’s something for everyone along these European rivers. We give you a glimpse of what it is like to go on a voyage across the European continent aboard some of the best River Cruise Ships. By booking a European River Cruise, you will gain the opportunity to experience Europe has to offer during your trip. There are several ship lines for you to choose from to make the most of your scenic getaway such as the Vikings River Cruises, the Scenic River Cruises, and Uniworld River Cruises. These major cruise lines have organized and prepared their ships for a better, more epic cruising experience. Here is what you can expect in 2022 and beyond on each of these ships.

Vikings River Cruises

Vikings are so far among the world’s most extensive river cruise lines when it comes to the River Cruises in Europe. Vikings has been an industry player for the past 20 years, offering world-class travel experience across most European cities. From Paris to Amsterdam to Budapest and Zurich, there’s a whole world to explore with Vikings River Cruises. Viking offers precisely what you’d expect from a River Cruises line: luxurious ships, comfort, international cuisine, and world-class customer service. Viking’s notable ship is the Viking Longship, best known for its extraordinary length designed to navigate Europe’s long winding rivers and its 95-room capacity.  It has a state-of-the-art restaurant and comfortable lounges. Vikings boast 50 Longships that make up its fleet with more on the way

Scenic River Cruises

On the list of best European River cruise lines is the Scenic River Cruises, delivering splendid European experience to voyagers. As another major industry player that has been in business since the late 1980s, the Scenic River Cruises line is gradually evolving into one of the most famed cruise lines covering the first world. They offer specialty river cruise experiences that can be tailored to meet each guest’s needs making them both opulent and memorable. The Scenic River Cruises line unveiled its own fleet of ships, the Scenic Space-Ships, in 2000. Twenty-one years later, Scenic now boasts of 16 Space-Ships in Scenic’s fleet, dedicated to giving voyagers the best that Europe has to offer. Scenic Space-Ships are defined by their five-star luxury accommodations that rival the world’s most lavish hotels. Each room features a large bed, minifridge, and private restroom. Guests can choose from multiple options such as Standard Suites and the Royal Owner’s Suites, with each room being luxuriously unique.  


Uniworld River Cruises

For nearly five decades, the Uniworld River Cruise line has been making voyagers’ dreams come true, taking them around Europe’s most treasured islands, beautiful country sides, bustling cities, and historic towns. The cruise line has some of the most luxurious fleets of ships cruising the tranquil waters of European rivers. The cruise line is best known for its two most outstanding cruise ships: A and B. The ships are designed with a modern blacked-out theme that depicts contemporary European nightlife. This is the ideal ship for the next generation of Voyagers who are literally out to explore life and the world in all its fullness. Some of ​Uniworld’s top amenities include: shore and city excursions, round the clock access to wine and Minibars in each room, unlimited access to meals, bars, and lounges, personal butler services, round the clock access to a fitness center, and onboard laundry areas and services. 


With the Covid-19 setbacks almost behind us, the European cruises 2022 is set to resume services on a bigger and better capacity than before. These river cruises in Europe combines luxury, magic, and pleasure, making for the perfect recipe for memories.