Tourist Attractions In Romania, And How To Find Holiday Apartments For Rent

Romania is a safe country with a Global Peace Index (GPI) of 1.541 as of 2020. So, if you’re postponing visiting this beautiful country because you’re worried that it’s not safe, you’re missing out on a lot! There are so many different locations with historical and cultural importance and natural beauty in this country. If you visit the country, you can find suitable apartments for a short-term stay at the Regim hotelier Bucuresti.

What Places To Visit In Romania?

Some Places You Must Visit Are:

  • Herăstrau Park 

It is located in the northern part of Bucharest and is the largest park in Bucharest. It has a lake for fishing and leisure. It is famous for its sports clubs, where you can play almost any sport. Herăstrau Park is renowned for the Expo Flora area, the Rose Island, the Poplar Island, and the Japanese Garden. The Regim hotelier Bucuresti platform can be great for renting self-catering apartments instead of costly hotel rooms.

  • Ceaușescu Mansion

It is a mansion that holds a very high historical legacy because it depicts the life of Romania’s last dictator, Ceaușescu. It has a luxuriously designed interior with porcelain and different furniture. It shows how Ceaușescu was in his personal life, his love for art, etc. The Romanian Government recently opened the Ceaușescu Mansion to foreign tourists.

What Foods Are A Must-Have When You Are In Romania?

Romania is famous for so many authentic delicacies. One thing you must try when visiting the country is Sarmale, which is the national dish of Romania. Sarmale is prepared by wrapping a filling of ground pork and rice in cabbage leaves and making rolls of it. Some other things to try are Jumări, which are pork rinds, Ciorbă de burtă, which is a locally famous soup, and Salată de are, which is a fish roe dip – usually made from carp.

Some Interesting Facts About The Romanian Culture:

  • A unique and beautiful waterfall is hidden in the Carpathians of Romania.
  • It has the largest Gothic church in the world.
  • An inventor named Henri Marie Coandă was the one who invented the modern jet engine.


These are various things to know about and do when you are in Bucharest or other parts of Romania. To save additional cost and have a homely feel instead of privacy invading hotel rooms, choose Regim hotelier Bucuresti and find holiday apartments to rent for your stay. Most of them offer a self-help service. Get your visa and passport ready, and go on that vacation!