VR Tour Through The Streets Of Barcelona

Barcelona, a Spanish country, is well-known for its exotic food, long and clean beaches, and its unique culture. The scenery, atmosphere, and overall beauty of Barcelona are to die for and this makes it an ideal destination for spending holidays. Now, with the help of technology, one can visit Barcelona, without visiting Barcelona. In other words, Barcelona VR tours are nothing less than an actual visit to this beautiful country. 

So here’s why one should experience the Barcelona VR tours at least once in their lifetime

  • Barri Gothic can give you a historic feel through the VR tour

The Gothic quarter has been the spiritual center of the city for 2000 years. It was the Gothic quarter, where Christopher Columbus was received by the catholic monarchs after his first expedition to the new world. The city administration since the 14th century has had its seat in this city. The tour is as exciting and realistic as an actual visit to the place would be. 

  • La Rambla can make you feel like a part of the city

La Rambla is a broad-tree shaded Avenue, and as you use the VR to take a tour, you see yourself walking through this avenue and see how it divides the old town into two parts. You can feel the width of the street that features old cafes, shops, and restaurants. The VR tour thus gives you the exact experience of walking through the streets of Barcelona.

  • You can see the magnanimous magic fountain in real

This is yet another significant place in the city which goes amiss once you are in Barcelona. This large art deco fountain was erected in 1929 and was designed by Carles Buigas. This magnificent piece of art can be visited, without even lifting a finger, through a VR tour. You can now see how you can get a delightful experience just by sitting where you are. 

  • You walk the pathway to La Barceloneta

The neighborhood of la Barceloneta borders Sant Sebastia beach where the locals go sunbathing, surfing, and mingling. You can visit this place through the Barcelonian VR tours and find nothing different from an actual tour. Visiting it through a VR tour will let you experience the long promenade lined with palm trees, connecting the beach and the marinas filled with yachts.


There is a reason why VR tours are becoming extremely popular as one can effortlessly visit places anywhere in the world and get the feel of being there.