Mapogo Lions

Mapogo Lions – The Legendary Coalition of Wildlife

The word “Legend” is a well-known word used when a person’s fame makes him a source of exaggeration or exploits in history. This word is considered as perfect as it should be for summarizing the extraordinary tale of wildlife, the Mapogo lions of the Sabi Sand in South Africa.

In the era of more than six years, the coalition of six male lion brothers had ruled over a large area due to their extreme violence and brutality. They are regarded as the true warriors on the battlefield who killed everything that they found offensive in their way.

The mapogo lion coalition consisted of five real brothers and one unreal brother who joined them later. Their bond with each other helped them strike fear in the hearts of all the competitors they found. They dominated themselves in the territory in very less time because of their fierce nature.

It is said that the Mapogo lions were responsible for killing more than forty female lions and cubs found in that territory. It was also rumoured that they killed almost 100 fellow lions, but the true number is still unknown to the people. That’s why this lion coalition is regarded as the legendary story in history forever.

History of Sabi Sand’s Mapogo lions:

This lion coalition appeared in March of 2006 for the first time. Generally, the lions enter quietly in a new area, but mapogo lions enter the territory with great power and a sense of dominance by roaring and killing their fellow lions easily.

This was very unusual for the wildlife workers of that place because the lion pride doesn’t do this. The behaviour of this lion coalition was very rare. Because of their brutal ways of striking fear, they are named mapogo after a security company that had used harsh ways to deal with criminals.

After their appearance and dominance in the area, the six of them were named differently. The leader was Makhulu and others were Kinky Tail, Rasta, Pretty boy, Dreadlock, and Mr T. All of them belonged from the Spartan pride. The Makhulu came from the other pride, and others were the real brothers.

By making their mapogo lion coalition, they changed the ecosystem of Sabi Sand by completely wiping out the other pride that was ruled there once upon a time. They had killed and eaten almost 100 lions, including females and cubs, by completely dominating and controlling the territory of Sabi Sand.

Fall of Sabi Sand’s Mapogo lions:

Even if they were ruling the territory greatly, there was a rivalry among themselves, which caused the fall of the mapogo lion coalition. Because of internal rivalry, the coalition’s functioning was not working smoothly. Many times, Makhulu (the leader) and Mr T were seen fighting with each other.

Most of the time, the Makhulu seemed to win the encounter by grabbing and biting the legs of Mr T. after many fights, it was seen that Kinky tail and Mr T broke off with the other four lions and moved to the northern part of the area. For almost two years, both of them guarded the northern area of territory.

In 2010, a new pride named Majingilanes arrived, and they roared near the Mapogo lion’s territory. Even though they broke off with their other brothers, Mr T and Kinky Tail managed to kill the males and other members of that pride.

The four members of Majingilanes were left, and they decided to take revenge on Mapogo lions. On the other night, they attacked Kinky Tail, but he fought back fearlessly. Unfortunately, they killed him, and at that time, his brother Mr T tried to save him but failed.

Then Mr T again rejoined the mapogo lion coalition. After two years, the Rasta was also killed, and only three coalition members were left. In 2012, a new pride entered the territory and killed Mr T. eventually, the left members Makhulu and the pretty boy had to leave the territory.

So that’s how the Mapogo lions coalition first raised and then fell off.