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The Right Hotel Options in Switzerland: Your Solutions

What to do in Switzerland, how to get around there, the main tips and how to go to this which is one of the most charming and impressive countries we have ever visited.You who imagine that Switzerland is just an organized, punctual and expensive country, as we imagined, will be surprised by the breathtaking landscapes.

Do you know those postcard scenarios? Well, from that trip on they became my travel memories.

What to do in Switzerland – Travel Tips and Itinerary:

  • Why to know, how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, what to do
  • Almost surreal scenarios are so perfect are the highlight, like the one overlooking the Matterhorn

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Reasons to Visit Switzerland

The landscapes you will see are really cinematic. Perhaps not only cinematographic, but typical of those images that you have seen on computer wallpapers or table calendars. When you think you would never see those images in person, you are staring at them.

It is the best opportunity to get to know the Swiss Alps up close. The mountains are wonderful, but the best thing is that in several places you can explore them close by, either by cable cars or even by train ride to the highest station in Europe. We also include here a route to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, which although it is in France, has everything to do with this route through the Alps.

The transport infrastructure is perfect, great for those traveling alone or those who do not drive and depend on public transport. The trains are super-efficient, punctual (Switzerland is famous for that) and cover almost the entire country. In just a few hours, it is possible to reach the main cities and even make trips between the main destinations.

To know before you die

It is good to warn that Switzerland, although extremely touristy and organized, is an expensive country. Go prepared for spending above what you would normally spend in the Euro zone (the currency here is also different, the Swiss franc).

The two times we went to Switzerland, we preferred the summer for the possibility of seeing green and flowery landscapes. Even so, it is possible to climb up to the Alps and have contact with the snow, throughout the year.