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What are chalets and why are they so comfortable for holidays?

Each of us has dreamed of a quiet and comfortable holiday in a house that would meet all the requirements and be warm and cozy. When choosing a hotel, many have looked at houses that would be externally and internally so comfortable and beautiful that they would suit a person completely. And it is not a dream. This small and cozy house has a name. It’s a chalet!

What are chalets and what is their history?

A chalet is not only a small house but also calm, protected, warm and eco-friendly. Its architecture is based on Alpine motifs. 

The history of the chalet began a long time ago. In ancient times, when the shepherds in the Alpine mountains went to graze their sheep, they fled from the weather in buildings that were shelter for them. Such a hut was usually built for just one person or two at the most.

Over the centuries, there have been philosophers who are convinced that man should live in nature and perfect harmony with it because we are part of it. It is for this reason, in all eras, chalets have been and remain popular.

In the times of Rococo, the chalet style became the epitome of love: real and passionate. Houses began to be decorated with elegant young men and young maidens who delighted others with songs and dances, presenting each other with hot and passionate kisses. It is for this reason that the public environment appeared, the opinion that the chalet is not only a small cozy house, which saves in bad weather, but also a romantic place where lovers can be secluded.

Luxury chalets were originally built in Switzerland because the country’s landscape is such that landslides and rockfalls often occur, so it was necessary to make a house with a reinforced base and the first floor. That is why the chalets have such an appearance. The word “chalet” itself is French and means a small cozy country house.

To date, for European countries, such cottages are a place of rest from the bustle of the city. The imagination of modern architects is so diverse that chalets can be one-storey or have several floors. 

Typically, the main floor is built more thoroughly – of stone or brick, which increases the safety and durability of the house. And the subsequent floors are usually built of wood, which makes the house cozy and beautiful. One of the advantages of combining building materials is the complete fire resistance and airtightness of the room. When the house is built of different materials, most of the disadvantages balance each other out and thus disappear.

The best luxury chalets for your comfortable vacation

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