‘Different aspects for various types of views from landscapes to snow peaks’

The best views on Manaslu Circuit Trekking, lead to various awesome scenic landscapes, to enjoy a lifetime mesmerizing experience.

Depending upon the aspects of each trekker and adventures, especially for professional photographers. As well-being at the right spot to enjoy the lovely country views with stunning scenery of snow-capped mountain range.

The best views besides Manaslu Circuit Trek are from a distant viewpoint of high hills. As well as being at a close distance of the mountain itself or from the air flying on a chopper.

However, on joining the wonderful adventure for Manaslu Circuit Trekking, where one can enjoy the best mountain views on walks. There are several good places and villages where one catch the best views of the Manaslu Himalaya range.

Including dramatic landscape scenery of rolling green hills, and valleys with great contrast against white towering snow peaks.

On these marvelous walks on Manaslu Trek , views of the snow-capped mountain remain constant, almost throughout the journey.

The best views on Manaslu Circuit Trekking are from following villages and on walks.


Day 06-07:  Depending upon the start of the trek from Soti Khola or Macha Khola. On the walk from Ghap to Lho-Gaon near Bihi Bazaar a small village, one can enjoy views of a cascading waterfall. That enters a lovely forest above Bihi village within Manaslu Conservation Area.

Day 07-08:   From Lho-Gaon, one can enjoy views of Mt. Manaslu North Face bove Lho-Gaon, which is at approx. 3,180 m high. As well during sunset and sunrise, the sun’s rays reflect on the mountains providing spectacular golden-colored views.


Day 08 -09: On route or at Sama-Gaon 3,530 m high. One can enjoy the best views of towering Mt. Manaslu with Naike peak in the background.


Day 09-10:  On rest day for acclimatization enjoy a day hike to Birendra Tal / Lake on route Manaslu base camp. Where one can have the best views of the glacial lake beneath massif Manaslu Glacier. Includes grand scenery of surrounding arctic zone landscapes with a waterfall that runs on the tangled icefall of Manaslu glacier.


Day 11-12:  At Samdo village approx. 3,780 m. The best views of the gigantic Himal Chuli east face that towers high at 7, 893 m. Includes distant views of Cheo Himal, Simrung Himal with Samdo peak at 6,620 m high.


Day 13-14: At Larke-La Pass 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet and Bhimthang 3,700 m.

After a steep long climb to the top of Larke-La Pass, enjoy the magnificent panorama of the surrounding giant mountain range. Includes close view of Larke Himal at 6,249 m / 20,621 feet high. Includes view of Cheo Himal and Annapurna peaks with Mt. Himlung 7, 126 m high towards North West.

Please Note:

The above-designated places are the best places for views on Manaslu Circuit Trekking, depending upon the choices of trekkers. The villages for overnight stops and on route walks, as mentioned above are the best spots for charming views.

The day can differ as per the starting point on Manaslu Circuit Trekking, besides the best viewpoint areas. One can enjoy the scenery of the river gorge, beautiful forest of rhododendron and magnolia as well as dramatic landscapes scenery.