Exciting Things To Do With Kids In Margaret River

Margaret River is an all year round holiday destination. Many people come during winter to enjoy the winter Cabin Fever Festival as well as spending time over a camp fire with friends. This spectacular spot is located in the South West region of Western Australia. Families make up a big part of the travellers that spend holidays in Margaret River because there is so much to do here for all ages.

This place has great natural beauty, large forests, limestone caves, animal farms, national parks, and much more. Not just that, but there are also many exciting activities that you can do around this place. Mountain biking is very popular in the southwest with some great trails through the national parks. Lunch at a winery is very popular and many enjoy this by going on a private wine tour. Whale watching draws many international travellers as well. Cape to Cape Track Hikers come in spring and autumn to tackle the 135km trail along the coast between the lighthouses

Margaret River is not just an ideal spot for adults, but also for kids. If you are visiting the river with your kids, you can enjoy the following activities with them.

  1. Visit the Discover Deadly Reptile Park

This is a unique spot for kids where they can experience the most mysterious creatures in Australia. From forked-tongued lizards to large snakes and spiders, there are so many exotic creatures to watch. The reptile park also has a café and playground for kids.

  1. Meet with Birds of Prey

Eagles Heritage is one of the most popular wildlife centres in Australia. It is home to many orphaned, injured, or displaced birds. They feature an amazing flight show twice a day. If your child loves watching birds, you must bring them here.

  1. Challenge yourself with the maze

This is another fun activity that you must try with your kids and other family members. Get into the maze and find the way out! This activity is perfect for those who are up for a little challenge. You can also enjoy other mini games like puzzles, checkers, giant chess, etc.

  1. Explore the South West caves

There are hundreds of limestone caves around the Margaret River. Take a happy journey to explore the beautiful caves with your kids. The caves you can visit are Jewel Cave, Mammoth Cave, and Ngilgi cave.

  1. Enjoy a nice family lunch at a winery

After experiencing all the fun-filled activities with your kids, having a nice family lunch at a winery will be worth it. You can even book a private wine tour for your family. This way you can pick your desired spots to enjoy. There are also many breweries that are all family friendly. Hiring a chauffeur is a great way to take your family out for a day of delicious food and drinks

Margaret River is a great family holiday spot. Enjoy the taste of quality wine and try fun activities with your kids.