Best Japanese Restaurants in CP

Connaught Place is one of Delhi’s most maintained, beautiful, and renowned localities. Along with fantastic locations to explore, the restaurants here are also lavish and worth exploring. As worldwide cuisine is available everywhere, Japanese cuisine is loved by all and preferred if someone wants to try something new. 

Many great restaurants and hotels in Connaught place serve Japanese cuisine with immense grace and Japanese traditions. These restaurants have developed a lot and flourished in CP as the people of Delhi are a foodie, always looking for something new and ravishing. Tourists, too, like to enjoy Japanese delicacies and dishes with some Indian twist. 

Some of the best Japanese restaurants in Delhi are The LaLiT Hotel New Delhi, Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Sakura, Zen Restaurant, Tamra Restaurant, and many more. 

Japanese Delicacies

Some of the famous and most ordered dishes are as follows:

  • Sushi: Rice seasoned with vinegar and sugar, paired with seafood, fish, or other seaweed. 
  • Ramen: Many different types of flavors and toppings are available in Ramen, it is a hot meal that will calm your soul, and one can enjoy it as they like, the flavor of their choice. 
  • Tempura: Fried fish and other vegetables. If one is not afraid of eating fried food, give it a try to Tempura, and it is one of the most loved dishes in Japan.
  • Japanese Curry: It’s like a thick sauce with fried meat or pork. It is usually served with hot rice. The flavors and proper balance of all different ingredients make the Japanese curry special and smoking.
  • Okonomiyaki: With cabbage as its main ingredient, this dish amazes us with layers of flavors. It looks like a pancake and has different versions, where noodles are mixed with it to make it a delicious meal. 

These are the famous dishes served by the Japanese restaurant in Connaught Place. Other dishes like Udon, Yakitori, Yakiniku, and Sukiyaki are fantastic and worth trying. 

If one is looking for what to eat when you visit Connaught place, knock on the door of Japanese restaurants in Connaught Place and enjoy one of the fine delicacies of the world. The only thing which is quite challenging yet fun is the use of chopsticks, or just advice, you can visit The LaLit Hotel New Delhi and enjoy in-room dining service, so there will be exquisite Sushi on the Table and a delightful view from the window. 

The Era of Multi-Cuisine

Often restaurants serve multi-cuisine and have specialized chefs for each one of them. Many restaurants in Connaught Place, Delhi, are not only great at serving Japanese cuisine but also serve the best Chinese food, and some are known as the best Chinese restaurants in Delhi.

It’s great to find different dishes, traditions, and cuisine under a single roof. The LaLiT New Delhi, one of the five-star hotels in Delhi, supports multi-cuisine 24/7 and has a dining room facility so guests can enjoy the delicacies from all around the world in their room, in their comfort zone.

Have a great meal!