Dos and Don’t during air travel in India during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined a lot of things, not just taken the lives of a lot of people and infected a lot many. As after months, the aviation department of the central government has decided to let passengers board flights, they have also regulated certain dos and don’ts with it. The passengers who are flying in India are bound to follow these rules. The rules and regulations are not difficult to follow and many people are happy to follow them as it ensuresthe safety of the passengers in many ways for Delhi to Pune flights and a lot more.

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts the passengers traveling by air have to follow:

  • If any passenger is going down with cough and fatigue, do inform that to the cabin crew.
  • Every passenger must have the ArogyaSetu app installed on their phone. The app must indicate a green signal to let the people board their respective flights, for example, Chennai to Delhi flight.
  • Every passenger entering the airport must be wearing a mask and gloves so that if they are infected, they don’t spread the virus.
  • The passengers must enter the airport four hours before the check-in. The baggage drop off will open three hours before the flight and the boarding counter will open two hours before the flight.
  • Every traveler must hand over their health certificate to the check-in counter before boarding the flight. Without the certificate, they will not be allowed to board the flight.
  • Social distancing must be followed at the airport by standing in the marked spots while getting the boarding pass and doing a security check.
  • The passengers will only be allowed to enter the flight if their body temperature is normal.

Staying in quarantine

The above mentioned are all the dos and don’ts that every traveler must follow while traveling domestically. Other than that, those who are traveling to containment zones have to stay quarantined for over two weeks after arriving at their desired destination. Those who are traveling to safe zones also have to stay in quarantine for a week to see if their health is alright. As soon as the authorities are confirmed that the passenger is negative for COVID-19, they will be dropped at their desired place to stay after travel, for example, Kolkata to Delhi flight or any other flight.

A lot of people are traveling in case of urgency only.  Therefore, the virus is spreading less now through air travel. All we can do now is hope that the situation comes back to normal soon. However, if you have to travel due to any unavoidable circumstances, ensure to remember and follow the care tips during travel. This will help you to stay safe and healthy.