5 Best Reasons Why Banyuwangi as an East Java’s Gem

Banyuwangi has a lot of hidden gems that are waiting to be explored! It’s the bridge en route to Bali from Java. The majority of the beaches around this area continue to be untouched and clean, making them the ideal spot for that island escapade. So, what exactly can you do in Banyuwangi? Read below for a lot of things you can do here.

  1. White beaches like in Bali

What’s the meaning of a vacation without crystal clear water and sandy white beaches? Banyuwangi has a lot of beautiful beaches and is comparable to the beaches in Bali! If you’re looking to do something different and meaningful, you can help to release baby turtles to the sea in Sukamade shore. The shore is famous for its turtles that were endangered. The sea turtles come there to lay their eggs. They also journey out to the sea together with their youthful after they have hatched. The sight of them making their way through the shore is a memorable highlight.

  1. Jawatan Benculuk: the magical forest in Banyuwangi

Step in the realm of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ — Java style. The story behind the allure of Jawatan Benculuk is a fascinating one. Even the Banyuwangi Forest Ministry initially assembled the area in 1952 to aid in water absorption for oak tree hoarding. Still, the rain trees with its leafy extensions accidentally added a touch of mystery to the area and have consequently turned it into an unusual attraction. A particular note for photography fans comes to catch the moment once the sun’s rays filter through the canopies and form a magical scene. ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans, the scene here will remind you of the view from the land of the Elves.

  1. Hidden waterfalls

Banyuwangi has plenty of organic attractions that are stunning. One thing that it does not lack in is waterfalls. It serves so many purposes, from being a pitstop to being the go-to location for adventure sports. It also serves as a source of irrigation to the agriculture of the city and agro-tourism. Some are also hidden amidst the foliage!

One such waterfall is the Lider waterfall. The waterfall is situated on the slopes of Mount Raung. It’s the largest waterfall in Banyuwangi. It’s located at an altitude of 1.300 meters above sea level and can be hidden amongst the rocky cliffs. You will encounter four other small waterfalls on your visit to Lider. Since the area is a forest area, you might be lucky enough to meet colorful butterflies and apes along the way!

  1. Marvel bamboo craft and artworks

Gintangan was known as the center for export and bamboo craft in the 1980s. Sticking true to its identity, the village of Gintangan showcases beautiful bamboo layouts made by the local village craftsmen during an annual festival called the”Gintangan Festival.” The festival started as an initiative by the villagers to flaunt their job during the parade. The festival is probably among the most distinctive ones in Indonesia. Pine can be used to present as artwork and fashion icons exquisitely sashayed by the Gintangan models with pride. Culture-rich from Indonesia never disappoints the art buffs.

  1. Love a rail tour across mountains and plantations

While you’re here, it’s highly recommended to take per day to skip all that driving and walking to enjoy a rail instead! The tour starts from Kalibaru station to Mrawan station. It will take you past coffee plantations in 400 meters high. Take this time to familiarize yourself in the fresh air at Mount Gumitir.

Besides enjoying the scenery, you’ll also have to know about the history of the railway system in Indonesia. The train will pass through a tunnel which was constructed between 1920 and 1902 during the Dutch administration. The tunnel becomes a renowned pit stop among the locals to snap a few quick pictures.

Before you plan a trip to Banyuwangi, please make sure to read more about Banyuwangi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.