What are the Courses of Mexico Bus?

There are 3 courses of bus service in Mexico:

  • Deluxe, or De Lujo/Executive, or Ejecutivo Class:

These Mexico buses normally service longer, or 3+ hour journeys, busier routes in between cities, for example, from Mexico City to an additional location. Anticipate a couple of, if any, stops.

The luxury executive course buses, usually Mercedes or Volvo, have simply 24 seats.

They’re air-conditioned included a safety belt, reclining seats with tons of leg space, individual movie screens, snacks, onboard bathrooms, as well as WiFi.

Seats can be reserved in advance.

  • First, or Primera, Class: 

These are extremely comparable to the executive class, with air-conditioning, TV screens, comfortable seats, as well as commodes.

  • Second, or Segunda, Class:

You may obtain a seat, you might not. There may be a commode, or maybe not. The bus may be cool, then again, it may not be. It may likewise make regular stops.

If you’re lucky, the second-class bus will be as comfy as a first-class bus. Yet no assurances.

If you are looking for bus tickets in Mexico, please follow the link.

Our experience with first-class Mexico buses

We bought the most effective feasible tickets on two of the significant Mexico bus lines.

We didn’t find out about the difference between “deluxe” as well as “top-notch” at the time of booking; we knew we desired the leading class, which we believed was top-notch.

The ADO buses, particularly, surpassed our expectations. We believed we had superior ADO bus tickets, however, it’s possible the buses were the greater category, i.e., executive class buses or deluxe.

The seat rows were configured as 2 to 1, with the aisle running between the two seats on one side, as well as the solitary seat on the other.

Plushly covered in royal-blue, velvet-like material; tidy and fresh; these big fat seats reclined a great massive distance back.

A cushioned leg rest could be extended for your feet as well as legs.

Think about the old service class seats on aircraft, prior to some were exchanged lie-flat beds, as well as you’ll have a great suggestion of the level of convenience.