Discover Mauritius™ Talents : Who Are They ?

Discover Mauritius™ being a Travel guide Application aims to bridge cultural barriers through music, art, dance and abundance of talent that the paradise Island of Mauritius has to offer. As a result Discover Mauritius™ Talents was formed, a platform developed to help emerging artists from various Artistic and Cultural disciplines to showcase and develop their unique skill sets. Influences of the island’s multicultural heritage is apparent through its sound that portrays the rhythmic fusion from various countries such as Africa, Asia and Europe, giving you a melodious Melange of Island Music. What’s more, is the Island’s omnipresent eye catchy Murals! Take a walk down any lanes, especially the bustling streets of Port Louis and you witness the colorful, abstract creations that leave you marveling at the plethora of creative individuals Mauritius holds. Discover Mauritius™ makes it easier to discover and track the evolution of local artists and Mauritian music through Discover Mauritius™ Radio and free subscription to its self titled Youtube Channel. A 100% Local Radio channel that promotes Mauritian Music at its best, the Discover Mauritius™ Radio – Youtube channel is the best way to see and experience firsthand performances of Music Artists that bring to you the real sound of Mauritius such as Seggae, Reggae, Zouk and Soukous that are achieved through traditional instruments namely Ravanne, Triangle combines with a spontaneous impromptu. So when your journey comes to an end on the Paradise Island of Mauritius, you still have its ethos right in your pocket! An app that allows you to discover some of the fascinating talents of Mauritius in just one click. For those looking for an up close and personal encounters with these artists, an event is occasionally held for the artists to engage with the audience. To be updated on the details of such events, do not forget to download the Discover Mauritius™ Travel Guide Application and get instant notifications wherever you go!