5 Reasons Why Living in an RV is Better Than a House

RV sales are booming as more individuals realize that RV life has quite a few advantages over living in a house. Here are five benefits such visionaries have realized.

1. Move in a Pinch and Enjoy Millionaire Views

There’s no need to hire movers when you own an RV, as you can simply pull in sliders and awnings, unhook any electricity and hit the road.

No need to break a lease or pack for days when you tire of the views in one place when you can just move anywhere you want. This means you can soak in views that others pay millions for when buying a home.

2. Why Deal with a Giant Mortgage?

Depending on the model of RV you choose, it could be possible to pay off the entire unit in a year or two. Consider the cost of mortgage payments or rent and the fact that a new small travel trailer can run as little as $11,000 and do the math. Why get buckled down with a long-term mortgage if the road beckons you?

3. Selling a Travel Trailer is Easy

One reason for such a boost in RV sales lately is the fact that buyers enjoy the freedom to trade in their travel trailer and upgrade to a newer model with ease.

There’s no need to hire a realtor or go through months of negotiations like with traditional homes. Simply visit a reputable RV dealer to be on your way in a new ‘home’ in less than one day.

4. The RV Lifestyle Promotes Greater Health

You’ll get off the couch much more when the great outdoors has something to offer beyond city streets. Being active promotes mental and physical wellness, which isn’t going to happen binge-watching Netflix.

5. You’ll Get Handy Fast

Many homeowners hire people to fix things, but in an RV it isn’t quite so easy. So, you’ll quickly learn how to handle certain travel trailer mechanics and basics that would cost a fortune to have done by a pro in a single-family home.