About Digital Nomads in Malta and Process to Enter Malta

One of the best things that you will know about Malta is that, now Malta has introduced a digital nomad visa. So, this is a good news for the digital nomads. Digital nomad visa is a temporary visa that allows the people to work and remotely enter Malta for a period of 6 months, which is temporary. This visa can be extended up to 1 year by obtaining a Nomad Residence Permit.  But, there is some eligibility criteria that one has to fulfill in order to be eligible for digital nomad visa program. Some such criteria for the マルタのデジタルノマド (digital nomad in Malta) are –

Malta Digital Nomad Residence Program - Frank Salt Real Estate

  • The digital nomad should have a remote work contract with the companies or company in abroad or they should be running their own business.
  • The digital nomads should offer freelance services to the clients who are based out of the country.
  • Plus, the digital nomads should have a monthly income in excess of €2700 gross.
  • The digital nomads should also have a valid travel document.
  • Plus, it is also important that the digital nomads have a comprehensive medical insurance when they are staying in Malta.
  • It is also important for the digital nomads to have a valid accommodation.
  • Lastly, they have to go through background verification check too.

Now, there is a cost of digital nomad residence permit, which the digital nomads should know. The cost of the application fee for the digital nomad residence permit is €300, for the main applicant. And for other additional applicant the cost is somewhere around €300. As per the complexity of the application, there will be legal fees also that will vary.

The Process of Application for Nomad Residence Permit –

The digital nomads who are applying for the nomad residence permit can send the scanned and neat copies of the above mentioned eligibility criteria documents to the residency Malta agency. Along, with that they will also have to give a letter of intent where they have to state their desire to get the permit. Plus, the letter of intent should also mention their duration from which they will stay till the date of leaving. If the digital nomad is wishing to stay less than 180 days he or she will be granted a National Visa, along with that there will also be a residence permit for those who will stay for up to 365 days or more than that.

The Processing time for Digital Nomad Visa application usually takes around 30 days for the process of the application and to get a visa.

Digital Nomad Malta Residence Permit Application –

In this, mostly you will require personal information like name, date of birth, passport details, and country of birth, marital status and others. Then, you will also have to mention about the intended duration of stay, residence history that should include previous residence details and the current residence details. You should also mention main applicants address. Plus, you should also give the residential address in Malta. Other details include the details of husband or wife and dependent children. Employment and contact details are also supposed to be mentioned including income details and declaration by the employer.