A Discovery of Verona: The Best Choices

Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet, is a municipality of Italy that will make you fall under its spell. To visit Verona, as you will discover through this guide, is to make a trip in the history, but also to discover very beautiful artistic works.

The bullring of Verona

Let’s start this tour of verona city through the bullring of the city. This building with Roman architecture is an amphitheater built in 30 AD partly destroyed in 1117, these arenas were restored during the Renaissance. This site located in Piazza Bra can accommodate 22,000 people seated. There are concerts, festivals and operas, while in the evenings from March to September you can see gladiator shows in the heart of the Verona Arena.

Piazza delleErbe

The oldest square in Verona, Italy, welcomes you to discover important buildings in the city. In fact, the square opens onto the town hall, the Lamberti tower, the courthouse, the Casa Mazzanti, the Palazzo Maffei and the Palazzo del MarcatoVecchio. This central place is to discover imperatively the time of a visit of Verona. On this square is the Madonna Verona, a fountain on which we discover a Roman statue dating from 380, the Tribune and the Visconti column.

The museum of Castelvecchio

What to visit in Verona? The Castelvecchio is a castle built in red bricks between 1354 and 1356. Originally, this building was intended to defend the city against invasions, but also against popular revolts. In 1404, it becomes a military depot and then hosts the Military Academy in the eighteenth century. It was not until 1925 that the Castelvecchio became a museum. Here we discover the Verona art of the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century through paintings, sculptures and knives.

The Lamberti tower

We mentioned earlier, the Lamberti tower is located on Piazza delleErbe. Visiting Verona in Italy imposes to see this impressive monument of 84 m high with Romanesque architecture. This medieval tower was built in 1172 at the request of the Lamberti family who gave it its name. It was not until 1295 that the building was given two bells to summon the city council and alert in case of attack. In 1403, the summit was destroyed by lightning, its restoration was an opportunity to add an octagonal bell tower increasing its height from 37 to 84 m. Visiting this tower offers a 360 ° view of the city, a great way to visit Verona from another angle.

Basilica San Zeno of Verona

The San Zeno Maggiore or San Zenone is a 5th century Romanesque and minor basilica church. If seduced by its architecture and its beautiful nave, its success is due in particular to the presence in it of the altarpiece of San Zeno, a masterpiece that is due to Andrea Mantegna, an engraver and painter from Italy.

The tombs of the Scaligeri

What to do in Verona If you still wonder, go to the center of the city to see the tombs of the Scaligeri. There is, as their name suggests, a funerary monument welcoming members of the Scaligeri family including CangrandedellaScalla, the greatest lord of Verona. Beyond the symbolic significance of this place, what we admire is the beauty of the monuments and the artistic work that has been done.