What Luxury Accommodation Really Means – 5 Features You Should Know

Most hotel businesses today take the freedom to describe themselves as “luxury”, but the high-paying guests end up disappointed when their requirements are not met. When it comes to luxury accommodation in Swan Valley, anyone would expect superior customer service, excellent rooms, dining, and anything else the hotel or resort has to offer. While there’s no predefined standard for ‘luxury’, the following aspects are to be expected off a luxury accommodation provider:

Easy and Straightforward Hotel Planning:

The online reservation service provided by a luxury hotel or resort should be simply and adequately self-explanatory. Whether you are booking your rooms by directly getting in touch with a Swan Valley accommodation provider, or dealing with third parties such as a travel agent, or using a booking website, the reservation process must be hassle-free at all times.

Fast and Easy Check-in and Check-Out:

After traveling hours to reach the destination, no one would want to wait on a long check-in line. Reliable hotels and resorts pay great importance to customer satisfaction and quality customer experience, thus ensuring that the check-in and check-out processes are fast, easy, and convenient. As soon as you are checked in, you don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for your luggage to arrive in your room.

You Get Your Preferred Room:

An authentic luxury Swan Valley accommodation will fulfil the requirements of their guests in the best way possible with regards to the room they require. This includes the room category, location of the room (near the elevator, ground floor, beach view, etc.), king or twin beds, availability of balcony, and more.

Amenities Offered to the Guests:

A typical hotel or resort does provide a long list of features and amenities for guests to enhance their experience, but there’s that extra elegance required when it comes to ‘luxury’. This means that a luxury room must include:

  • carefully thought out aesthetic design
  • a quiet room that’s odourless and filled with fresh air
  • original art or paintings on the wall
  • high quality furnishings
  • luxury king bed with cotton sheets, and natural-fibre bedspread
  • adequate storage and closet space
  • window curtains made of premium fabric
  • reading chair
  • A safe
  • good TV screen,
  • coffee maker
  • heating/cooling systems, and more.

Enlightened Customer Experience:

Besides the short list of amenities mentioned above, it is the comprehensive customer experience that counts. A true luxury hotel or resort will let their guests know that they are valued. The personnel will greet the guests with a smile and will always be of assistance to them. The housekeeping staff will often make sure that the entire space is neat and tidy, the maintenance staff will promptly attend to the guests’ concerns, and the restaurant staff will present a diverse range of delicious cuisines and buffets. Not to mention the availability of other amenities such as a fitness centre, pool, Wi-Fi, and more.

True luxury accommodation in Swan Valley offers their services at a price worth paying for. See what other guests are talking about their experience and talk to the staff so as to know if they could offer you a taste of luxury you expect.