5 Beaches With The Most Beautiful Views in Mandalika

Lombok is a lovely island that can turn into the following Bali. Aside from its neighboring area (5-6 hours through boat), this island likewise has a characteristic appeal like Bali.

Like the Island of the Gods, driving the travel industry in Lombok is also in the oceanic area, albeit on this island there is likewise Mount Rinjani, one of the mountains with the most wonderful journeying courses in Indonesia.

In Lombok itself, there is a region that is regularly alluded to as Mandalika. This name is taken from the name of a little girl who is a legend of the Sasak clan in Lombok. The Mandalika region is in Central Lombok Regency. The shape is a seaside territory with a coastline of ± 16 km.

Previously, the Mandalika territory – which has a line of wonderful sea shores – was a bustling traveler region. Notwithstanding, because of a few things, this territory has gotten calm. Vacationers like to visit the northern locale of Lombok, where there are Senggigi Beach and Gili Trawangan.

In 2015, through the Ministry of Tourism, the Indonesian government made the Mandalika territory a Special Economic Zone. Mandalika is remembered for the travel industry speed increase program known as 10 New Bali. The public authority needs this region to return to life as in the past.

What sea shores are there in Mandalika? Coming up next are five wonderful sea shores that you will meet there.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan is a white sandy sea shore encompassed by slopes that will look green during the windy season. What is novel about this sea shore is the surface of the sand which is like the grains of pepper, so that a few groups call this sea shore Merica Beach. On the off chance that we take a gander at the white sand in more detail very close, it will look blackish like pepper. Not a long way from this sea shore, there is a spot called Batu Payung. To get to this spot, we can lease a boat from neighborhood anglers.

  1. Serenting Beach

There are still not many individuals who know the presence of this sea shore. Even though the sea shore is charming. The area of this sea shore is close to Seger Beach. Generally, this sea shore will be extremely packed during the Bau Nyale Festival festivity. The rest, relatively few individuals visit this lovely sea shore. This sea shore is as yet overseen basically by the neighborhood town the travel industry mindfulness bunch.

  1. Seger Beach

Princess Mandalika is told as a princess who has a wonderful face. She has a lot of fans. This delightful princess landmark – alongside her fans – was underlying a spot in the Seger Beach territory, Lombok.

Seger Beach itself is perhaps the most famous sea shores in the Mandalika territory other than Kuta. In the middle of celebration, this sea shore is the Bau Nyale Festival, which is regularly held each year in Lombok. Around this sea shore, there is a hotel whose lawn straightforwardly prompts Seger Beach.

  1. Kuta Beach

Not just in Bali. In Lombok, there is likewise a sea shore with the name Kuta. You could say that right now, Kuta Beach is the busiest sea shore in the Mandalika Area. The region around this coast had undoubtedly evolved before the public authority remembered the Mandalika region for the 10 New Bali. A few trinket shops and riding gear rentals are now accessible around the sea shore.

  1. Gerupuk Beach

To wrap things up. Another sea shore in the Mandalika territory that isn’t cool is Gerupuk Beach. In the Mandalika region, this sea shore is known as a riding area. For the individuals who can’t surf, visiting this sea shore is certifiably not an off-base decision since we can, in any case do numerous other intriguing exercises. The climate on this sea shore itself isn’t vastly different from different sea shores in Mandalika – just as Lombok all in all, to be specific white sand with waves on the shoreline that will, in general, be quiet. This beach front territory is likewise significantly evolved with the presence of a few supporting offices. This sea shore is around 9 km from Kuta Beach.

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