Why should you order a transfer from an airport?

Taxi from the airport has recently made the trip very easy and enjoyable. They help relieve anxiety and uncertainty in airport terminals. Renting a car to meet you at the airport can be time-consuming, not to mention long and tiring lines.

Focus on quality

We advise you to choose the transfer option if you travel to Greece. Transfer from Thessaloniki Airport to Sani Beach focuses on quality, not quantity. This means that the main thing for the driver is that you enjoy the trip and that you are satisfied. The taxi driver only cares about profit: the more customers he manages to carry from one point to another, the better for him. He is not interested in what you think of him, whether you like his driving style and the like.

Fast and efficient

It is impossible to avoid the assumption that public transport can be time-consuming and very unpredictable. Do you have a contingency plan if your bus or train is canceled or delayed? When it comes to airports, you can arrive early when you have a lot of free time, but you have to kill time a few hours before departure, or you can arrive a little later, risking missing your flight. Simply hire a car in Thessaloniki – it will give you a relaxed journey and will allow you to arrive at the airport at the best time without rushing. 

Download the mobile app

Easily book transport through the app in just a couple of clicks. Use the app to create new bookings, view your booking history, track your driver’s arrival via Google Maps, call or text your driver, and cancel your booking if needed. If you have not used our services before, you can register through the application by providing your name, email, and contact phone number.