The 10 best destinations for a cheap ski trip

The ski season is near! The highest peaks are dressed in white, the snow cannons fire their icy dust on the slopes and the greased ski lifts are ready to receive the first skiers, like you. Because yes, snow sports are increasingly popular and their prices too, thus multiplying cheap ski trips. Precisely for that, so you have a guide when it comes to knowing where to look for the best snow deals, this list is ready. Let’s go there!

Cheap ski trips in Spain

That this little particular paradise is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for travel in general, it is a reality. As it is, they have some of the best ski resorts on the continent, which even serve as the stage for various international ski and snowboard competitions. The clearest example of the quality of the Spanish slopes at the best price is the Candanchú, in the full Pyrenees and almost on the border with France, where in addition to the best tracks in Aragon, you will find a hilarious after-ski in nearby Jaca. Also, now all Aragonese ski resorts work together, being able to ski in all of them with the same ski pass. This is the best ski at the best price!

On the other hand, at the La Molina station in the Catalan part of the Pyrenees, you will find a very intimate station with 63 tracks at your disposal and activities for you to have a trip to the different snow, such as excursions in the company of the snow throwers that prepare the clues. Give yourself the pleasure of visiting the oldest ski slope in Spain and enjoy its mountain cuisine and Empordá wine.

Cheap ski trips in Andorra

Their neighbor, the country of the Pyrenees, was not going to be less at the time of naming the best snow destinations at the lowest price, because if something makes travel to Andorra famous is that it is a country as small as cheap. There you will find Vallnord, where you will find two stations in one: Pal Arinsal and OrdinoArcalís, which is a total of 93 kilometers of tracks for you to spend a bomb on your favorite element. Also, when you cross the slopes of Vallnord, you will be skiing in the Best Ski Resort in Andorra. If you add the fun of the Andorran night for an unforgettable after-ski, this becomes a luxury destination at the best price.

Where to ski cheap in France

We have all heard about the pleasure of skiing in France and it has almost always been associated with a luxury destination. Nothing is further from reality. In both the Pyrenees and the Alps, you can find ski offers that will not leave you cold. In its Pyrenean area, you will find Saint Lary, with its typical stone and wood houses at the foot of the slopes, in addition to a cable car and a cable car that connects the station with the center of the town of Vignec, just 20 kilometers from Spain. Something that makes Saint Lary special, in addition to its traditional environment, is that it is a crossing point of the Camino de Santiago, so it is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Although to get to know Pyrenean luxury in France, the best thing is a trip to Ax Les Thermes, where you will find a first-class after-ski relaxing in a spa.

In the north of the Alps you can glide through a golden destination at the best price in Les Arcs, which is part of Paradiski, which with 425 kilometers of slopes is the second largest ski area in the world , in addition to enjoying activities such as training for the rescue of avalanche victims or always knowing which ski lift is freer to reach the best peaks, only with your mobile and its application. Further south you will find the Vars-Risoul station, where 115 tracks await you so that you leave the footprint of your skis in the snow – and not your savings – surrounded by mythical Alps mountains such as Mont Blanc and Mont Ventoux.

On a ski trip to Austria

There is an area in Austria, Salzburg, where even the snow sounds like Mozart. It is near where you will find Kaprun, a charming little village where you will have at your disposal 138 kilometers of tracks at the Schmittenhöhe station. At the highest levels, you can enjoy your favorite sport for a large part of the year, since in peaks like Kitzteinhorn the snow offers good skiing from autumn to early summer. Sensations like stopping at the Gipfelwelt 3,000 platform, from which you will have a magnificent view of dozens of the highest alpine peaks, you can only live in the most authentic mountains of Europe. And if you can do it at the best price, much better.

Cheap ski trips in Switzerland

The biggest surprises are usually left to the end, like Crans Montana, the place where it breaks with the myth that skiing in Switzerland is expensive. In this station, you will find more than 140 kilometers of tracks in which to practice your preferred model at your leisure, as it is not crowded like other alpine stations, in addition to being able to see the summits of Mont Blanc and Matterhorn in the distance. Skiing in Crans Montana is also a great plan for a family snow trip, as there are plenty of nurseries and facilities for youngsters, as well as an adventure park where you can have a great time through zip lines and bridges Hanging And as a final finish, a luxury after-ski where you can taste the delicious Valais wine. And take advantage, because that wine is not sold beyond the Swiss borders. is the best hotel reservation and car rental site. They offer their service worldwide