Why Choose The London Pizza Depot in Dagenham?

Perhaps your pizza experience has never taken you beyond the freezer section of your local supermarket? It may be that you were brought up on those bland five-packs of cheese and tomato mini-pizzas that every family used to keep on hand that did nothing more than disappoint your tastebuds.

Our team of talented pizza chefs at the London Pizza Depot in Dagenham are here to tell you that these lesser pizza preparations simply are not good enough!

Any proper pizza lover will tell you that pizza is more than just another meal on a menu. Pizza is life and is an integral part of the British lifestyle.

Whether you like to ‘pizza in private’ with a few slices on a Friday night while dressed in your pyjamas and slippers and watching your favourite shows on Netflix, or you want to throw a party on the weekend so you and your friends can indulge in some luscious toppings, the cultural importance of pizza is undeniable.

Which is the most popular pizza topping?

It is no surprise for those in the know that Brits consume an awful lot of pizza, with research showing that the average Brit will munch through an average of 731 pizzas in their lifetime, with the most popular pizza topping being pepperoni.

Our team at the London Pizza Depot in Dagenham can vouch for that pizzas with pepperoni top the ‘most-requested’ order chart, and it is easy to see why!

Pepperoni pizza has become a most iconic pizza topping in both America and the UK because there is just something so magical about the combination of cheese and pepperoni that is hard to match.

It is a fantastic flavour combination with cured salami sausage meat containing just the right balance of tasty fat, peppers and spices that, once air-dried for a few weeks, magically transforms into a culinary delicacy like no other.

What about special diets?

The great thing about food science and development over recent years is that you don’t need to miss out on the wonderful flavours of a pepperoni pizza if you don’t eat pork. You can still experience the magic of a pepperoni pizza with pepperoni made from turkey or soy.

At The London Pizza Depot in Dagenham, you can order a range of halal pizzas and sides from our extensive internationally inspired menu because all meat toppings are certified halal.

This means you can enjoy many of our pizza creations that include pepperoni as a topping, such as our delicious Ranch Meat Feast or our lip-smackingly good Spanish Meatball & Pepperoni pizzas.

Our friendly team at The London Pizza Depot in Dagenham are happy to fix your order to meet your needs. Whether you want a veggie option for one of your family members, or you want us to sneak on some extra pepperoni onto your Spicy Nduja Sausage pizza to make it more pepperoni-rich, we have got you covered!