5 Preparations You Should Do Before Staying at a Hotel

Those who frequently go in and out of hotels, they must be familiar with all hotel administrative procedures from check-in to check-out. However, it will be different for those who are staying at cheap hotels in Singapore for the first time.

There are quite a lot of administrative management policies that differ from one hotel to another, which often makes some people confused.

Well, for those of you who are staying at a hotel for the first time and are confused about what to prepare before staying in suites near anaheim convention center anaheim ca, let’s see the reviews here!


1. Luggage

Make sure to always pay attention to your luggage when you are going to stay at the hotel. Especially if you are someone who doesn’t want to bother with luggage. Actually, it doesn’t make any difference if you want to stay at any hotel. It all depends on how long you will stay. 

For example, you will stay 2 days and 1 night, so you only need to bring 2 pairs of clothes and 1 nightgown. In addition, you can bring a swimsuit, just in case you suddenly want to swim. In addition to clothes, you also bring personal equipment, such as skin care, make-up, and medicines, all of which have been arranged into a travel size.

If you bring quite a lot of luggage, such as suitcases, children’s strollers, etc., the hotel staff will not hesitate to help you carry the items to your room. Don’t forget to give tips!

2. Pay Attention to Check-In & Check-Out Time

Almost all hotels have rules for check-in at 14.00 PM and check out at 12.00 PM. But there are also some hotels that have policies such as early check-in and late check-out. But you can come 1 hour before check-in time, you know. You can relax first in the lobby while enjoying the welcome drink provided by the hotel. 

3. What to do during Check-In

When you enter the hotel, you can go directly to the receptionist’s desk to check-in. Usually, the receptionist will ask for some data such as: the name of the customer, the code of the customer (if ordering via online), and ask for an identity card to be copied. This identity will not be used in various ways. The hotel has this policy for the security of guests’ data. It also prevents illegal guests from entering the hotel.

After the administrative matters are completed, the hotel staff usually provides a brief explanation of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in the hotel. And some hotels sometimes ask for a deposit in the form of money as a guarantee and later can be taken at check-out.

4. Pay attention to the facilities of 5-star hotels

Before actually staying at a hotel, make sure to always pay attention to the facilities at the hotel first. Star hotels are usually equipped with AC, LED TV, safety box, cupboard, minibar, refrigerator, bathtub, balcony, mattress, work/dressing table, mini kitchen, dining room, even living room! Not to mention the facilities outside the room such as; swimming pool, gym, 24-hour restaurant with local and international menus (which can be delivered to your room), spa, children’s play facilities, valet parking, etc.

5. Online Hotel Reservation

You can also book hotels in advance. Because star hotels have many types of rooms that must be adjusted to your needs and schedule. To be more efficient, you can book hotels online. And the online travel agent site that is often used for hotel reservations is Traveloka! 

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