Where To Go Rock Climbing In The UK Countryside

The life of an adventurer is a constant thirst for the next experience that nature can give. There’s no shortage of places in the UK countryside for climbers seeking adrenaline rushes. A course at a climbing centre can get you started in rock climbing in a safe, supportive environment to ‘learn the ropes’ while building skill and confidence till you feel ready to do it yourself while taking on the many challenges it brings.

In the UK countryside, climbers can tackle bouldering problems in picturesque moors, ascend difficult cliff-side routes and conquer mountains. Explore the below mentioned places for picturesque locations ideal for countryside rock climbing in the UK.

  1. Brimham Rocks

In Brimham Rocks, a labyrinth of strange rock formations includes interesting names like Dancing Bear, Druid’s Writing Desk, and the Idol. It is believed that Druids created these formations, and for over one hundred years, rock climbers have been fascinated by the rock formations. You are sure to be entertained and intrigued by these interesting formations all day long. Have an adventure-filled day starting from climbing all morning, followed by a picnic lunch overlooking the Yorkshire Dales, and a tour of the formations in the afternoon, where you can rig up ropes almost anywhere you’d like to climb.

  1. Caley Crags

Just metres away from the Roadside Boulders, Caley Crag offers an entirely different climbing experience. There’s an even more popular one at the top of the same hill. Bouldering is divided into Uphill Crag and Downhill Bouldering, with grades ranging from Severe to E8. Rope and rack are required for the Uphill, which has a series of challenging routes that take you to the top. As you weave between the trees looking for your next challenge, the Downhill is more like a bouldering treasure hunt.

  1. Ilkley Cow And Calf

Ilkley-Cow-and-Calf sits high above the village of Ilkley, and offers several big routes. You can have a pre-climb coffee at the cafe at the bottom, and there are enough routes to occupy even the most adventurous group. The facility offers short climbs popular with schools and youth groups as well as large blank walls for people who wish to push the limits.

  1. Cadshaw Quarry – Lancashire

It is a very beautiful crag hidden in the forest just south of Darwen, suitable for climbers of all abilities, from beginners to more advanced climbers. Climbers can find this paradise not far from Blackburn, Preston, Bolton, Burnley and Wigan.

  1. Wharncliffe Crags

Wharncliffe Crags has been a great place for climbing in Yorkshire since the 19th century. More than 140 traditional climbing routes are available on the rugged cliff, which reaches a height of 14 metres. With steep climbs that require strong grip on sharp gritstone holds, you can take on ascents spanning the entire grade spectrum. There are many climbing routes here, notably Long John’s Stride, Cascade Buttress, and The Bass Rock.

If you have a passion for outdoor activities in the UK, your life will be positively impacted by rock climbing in many ways. Each experience is totally different and takes you all over the world. It will challenge you mentally and physically regardless of what level you climb at, continuously teaching you new skills for the rock wall and for life.

The physical benefits of rock climbing include building strength and flexibility, as well as releasing positive endorphins as a result of exercise. The most important benefit, however, is its positive psychological impact. As an avid rock climber you are probably aware of these benefits. However if you are looking for another reason to give rock climbing a try, you should get the appropriate training first and go for it!