What Makes London so Popular to Explore?

London is undoubtedly a place full of great wonders and amazing things. However, if you are still somehow mystified regarding what makes the city unique, it can be a little challenging to rationalize going for a tour in London.

Even when you are inundated with details proclaiming how great the city is, you will still need specific information. And this is why you might want to narrow down to the following key points to know why London is a popular city to explore:

Full of Character

It doesn’t really matter which threshold of boredom the people who tour the city have. The city has a million places to see and things to do.

From landmarks to famous museums and little-known crannies of everyday life, which make up London’s multi-faced identity, the city has endless exciting things to engage every tourist.

There is a lot of entertainment and nightlife, castles, cathedrals, squares, and hotels in London that you can afford.


The city was founded in 43 AD, and since then, it has managed to hold onto its architectural past. You may still get to see different architectural gems from the Victorian, Tudor and Roman periods standing tall in London.

There are also as numerous as four UNESCO World Heritage Sites you may explore. And you won’t be far away from London’s castle, which is a building of architectural marvel and great political importance. Other historical attractions you may explore in the city are:

  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London

Old Meets the New

Although you might know the concrete jungle to be New York, London holds on to its heritage via old buildings. The Hult London campus is itself a Grade-II site. Before, it was used as a studio for recording for brands, such as The Gorillaz, and at the same served as a Victoria-era brewery.

Just try walking different London streets, and you will notice the old buildings juxtaposed against new ones. To an average person, it might look like the planning of the urban city wasn’t thought through.

Fabulous Theatre

The famous West End in London is commonly known for being the best place on earth to catch a show. From contemporary classics to cheesy musicals, this part caters to every theater lover of all tastes.

When booking your ticket, it is imperative to know that you may actually get them at a lower price by making your purchase directly from the box office of the theater on the day of a performance or the day before.

Red Buses

The red buses in the city have changed their appearance over the years, but they are still pleasing, welcoming, and sleek to the eye.

Most of these buses are double-deckers to accommodate many passengers. And although they are rather uncomfortable and crowded at peak times, the buses are still a familiar creature in this amazing city.

Concluding Remarks!

As one of the most visited cities in the world, London will always have something for everyone, from delicious food to culture and history. With such diversity, the city’s dynamism makes it an international city worth exploring.