Top 3 Villas to Stay in UAE

Travelling is in itself a rewarding but equally tiring experience. After weeks and days of meticulous planning, you begin packing. The last night before the flight passes in a blurry haze of anxiety and excitement. But what if you are still stuck in the phase of choosing a place to stay? Maybe you and your fellow companions are not satisfied by a simple hotel. Maybe you are honeymooning in Greece. In such a romantic place, you can’t exactly stay in a hotel because it limits your fantasy. Villas are also comparatively more private and offer you a romantic vision of any place you stay at. In the UAE, there are multiple villas available, all better than the next. The sights and facilities usually fulfill all dreams you might have regarding travelling. Staying in a villa is made hassle-free if you go through this guide.

Keep on reading to find out the top 3 villas you can stay in, in the UAE, that are totally worth your time and money.

1-  Al Jazira Resort in Ghantoot

This beautiful single bedroom villa is truly one of a kind. You can pay for the entire villa, which contains a single bedroom with a 142m² queen bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. For a couple or two adults, this villa is perfect. The villa also offers free breakfast and you do not need to pay before your arrival. Pay at the property and guess what – the cancellation is also free! You do not lose any more amount than what you see on However, only two options are left so hurry up and book it before someone else steals it from you. Get up to 15% off on your booking by using the promo code!


2- Roda Beach Resort in Jumeirah, Dubai

With an 8.3-star rating, this resort is a travel sustainable property. The entire villa is available with a premium bedroom containing a 75m² king bed, a single bathroom, kitchen and living room. Cancellation is free of any cost and so is the breakfast! You need not make any payments before to book the villa as you can pay at the property. This villa houses adults as well as families on a vacation – only three options are available as of now. Hurry up and quickly book this villa at so you can have your fun free of any stress and worries. The price is also reasonable enough seeing that the villa is in Jumeirah.

3- LUX The White Palm Villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

In case you and your friends are going out on a trip, this resort will be the best choice for you. With 5 bedrooms that each have 465m² 6 beds (2 twins, 4 kings), 6 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room, it will be spacious enough to house all of your friends. The rating is of 8.2 stars, very high, and according to other residents, very comfortable. The breakfast is charged however. Even so, it is a very good deal for 6 adults, give or take. Quickly book it for your all-friends trip before time runs out and you lose this great option!