Travel Guidelines For Train Travellers

Train journeys are exciting and have a very memorable and cherishable experience for most of us. For all the travelers who are traveling for the first time by train, our travel guideline has everything you need to know right from booking the train ticket, early reservation, tatkal details, train schedules, travel essentials and travel safety.

Travel tips and the guideline to keep in mind while traveling by train.

Ticket Booking – Thanks to the innovation and the advancement of technology. Today with the help of apps, websites tickets can be booked within seconds from anywhere. Though Indian trains get fully booked weeks ahead, so if you are planning to buy the tickets do it once the reservation opens up. You can also buy tickets online directly from the Indian railways IRCTC website. All you need to do is enter your details to create the account and once your account is registered, you can book the IRCTC train tickets.

Ticket Availability and Status – When you will book your tickets you will come across the terms like ‘available’, ‘RAC’ or ‘Waitlist’. Available means that tickets are available for the confirmed seats. Reservation against cancellation (RAC) indicates that if you book the RAC ticket, berths will be allocated to you only if the confirmed ticket passenger does not board the train or cancel the reservation. The waitlist means all the confirmed and the RAC tickets are sold and you have to wait for the confirmation. You cannot travel with a waitlisted ticket but there are chances if your ticket status gets promoted to RAC or gets confirmed. So in that case keep checking your booking ticket status and keep an alternative option in advance.

Tatkal Tickets – Booking your tickets at the last minute? Don’t worry. You can book your tickets with the tatkal booking facility. With this, you can book your tickets one day in advance of the actual date of travel. Tatkal booking window opens at 10.15 am for the selected trains. There is an option of premium tatkal also, however they are costlier as compared to the tatkal because of the dynamic pricing.

Train PNR Status – For all the details related to the train stoppage, train live status, booking status, the departure and arrival of the train, train coach, and berth you can find out with the help of the PNR number. It’s a 10 digit number unique code which is generated on a confirmed ticket.

Train Essentials – On the premium trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express food is included in the ticket fare. However, there are a lot of trains where food is not included. In that case, it is always recommended to carry some home-cooked food and snacks. Also, carry one power bank with you to keep your phones fully charged. Carry one extra warm layer handy in case you are traveling in an AC coach.

Train QuotaIrctc booking provides an additional advantage to passengers to book the train tickets under different types of quota. Railway employees, senior citizens, physically handicapped, foreign tourists, ladies, defence personnel can book the tickets under specific quotas. To avoid the misuse of any quota the passengers will be asked to submit and show a set of documents while doing the reservation.