Top travel trends: Why European river cruises are so popular

River cruises through Europe are a travel trend that’s on the rise. Here are five reasons why they have so many fans.

Who doesn’t love travel? New people, places and sensory discoveries make it one of life’s most inspiring experiences.

Most of us are used to starting a trip by getting in a car or boarding a plane, but there’s an entirely different style of travel that proves to be addictive once you’ve experienced it.
And that’s cruises. European river cruises to be precise

[H2] A top travel and adventure trend

Forget giant ocean liners with their 5,000-passenger capacity. We’re talking about intimate high-end river barges carrying no more than 40 guests, which lead you through bustling cities and picturesque countryside to see the cultural highlights of Europe.

Here we take you through five benefits of traveling by river cruise across Europe:

[H2] 1. Stress-free travel

Imagine spending half your vacation checking in and out of hotels and unpacking and packing your bags; not to mention all the sightseeing time spent anxiously hunting for elusive landmarks, waiting in queues or getting lost. 

Now, close your eyes and picture yourself exploring Europe on a luxurious river barge that not only takes you in relaxed comfort from one city to another, your hotel room traveling with you, but also provides delicious daily meals and a fine dining experience every evening. Not to mention the tour guides who take care of all logistics!

A river cruise tour is a smooth and stress-free way to travel in Europe without needing to worry about wrong directions, poor accommodation, bland meals or average transportation. The cruise providers arrange everything according to your preferences, from transfer instructions to dietary requirements. 

[H2] 2. The joys of slow travel

Skip the busy roads and airports: with a river cruise you travel slowly but steadily along Europe’s most serene rivers, canals and waterways. This approach spares you from the hectic daily rush while still taking you to see a region’s great cultural highlights. It’s an elevated travel experience that is simultaneously more comfortable and more adventurous. 

What to do with all the time you save not having to worry about logistics? You could spend it chatting with good company over a drink on deck, relaxing with a book or exploring a hidden corner of a charming town you’ve just discovered.

 [H2] 3. Visit many destinations in one trip

Another obvious benefit of taking a European cruise is that you can visit many different places in a single trip. Instead of rushing between a couple of big urban centers, you can experience the full spectrum of towns, cities and countryside as you journey from point to point. 

The countryside and smaller towns are often the real hidden gems of a nation, where you can get a true sense of what the local culture is really like. The itineraries wind across the landscape, taking you from highlight to highlight, and sometimes into neighboring countries.

[H2] 4. World-class cities at your doorstep

On a European river cruise you’ll visit not just one but multiple world-class cities. These cruises often moor right in the center of town, giving you the opportunity to set foot directly in the beating heart of a city as soon as you step off the boat.

Stroll through the center to discover the main markets, museums, landmarks, restaurants and independent shops on foot. City itineraries are very flexible, so you can either join a walking tour led by your tour leader, or simply choose to explore on your own.

 [H2] 5. Excellent value 

Consider this for a moment: not only does the price of a river cruise include transport, accommodation, museum entrance fees and most catering, but it also saves a great deal of time and effort. So when you’re on vacation you can rest assured it will be a REAL vacation, with nothing to do but relax, explore and enjoy.

When you take all these factors into account, you can start to understand why more and more people are deciding to choose this form of travel.

[H2] Something for everyone 

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a fun excursion to meet new people, or a romantic vacation with your partner, luxury river cruises through Europe have so many benefits that they’re proving to be one of the most fun, comfortable and appealing ways to travel today.