Things You Should Know About the Salvation Mountain and the Slab City –

One of the things that you will notice in the salvation mountain are the 3 important words, ‘God is Love’. These are the three words that are written on the top of Salvation Mountain, an artificial mountain that was built by the visionary artist Leonard Knight over the course of 25 years out of recycled materials, hay, and adobe. Because some scenes from the movie Into the Wild were shot here, this location has gained worldwide recognition. Since the movie’s release, the number of tourists visiting Salvation Mountain has increased to such an extent that many people now consider it a must-see attraction when visiting California. It is about 90 minutes from Palm Springs, Salvation Mountain is in California, near the Salton Sea’s eastern shore. Niland, a small cluster of houses rather than a town, is the closest town, and it is only 44 miles from the border with Mexico.

Good Time to Visit the Salvation Mountain & History –

Slab City Salvation Mountain is accessible every day of the year, including holidays, from sunrise to sunset. There is compelling reason need to pay a ticket, yet to leave a gift you can do as such in the assigned box close to the mountain. You can park your car anywhere you feel safe, but keep your distance from Salvation Mountain to an acceptable level. Leonard Knight considered using small air balloons to spread his message of universal love during his first days in Niland. This did not satisfy him, so he started using cement, paint, and anything else he could find to sketch a structure along the course of an old river. The work went on for months until this first mountain was 164 feet high.

Responsibility of the Volunteer Group –

However, after four years, this mountain collapsed. Rather than getting deterred, Leonard Knight started to assemble Salvation Mountain, the one you can in any case see today. It would require 28 years of work, yet the way that guests here from all sides of the world would end up being the most ideal compensation for his work. A volunteer group has taken over as the mountain’s steward since Leonard Knight’s death and continues to spread the mountain’s philosophy and message. Salvation Mountain stands out from the surrounding landscape not only because of its height but also because of its vivid colours and the enormous cross that atop it. By following the yellow path, you can ascend the mountain without causing damage to the structure. You will undoubtedly have numerous opportunities to take memorable photographs and enter the galleries that Leonard Knight has constructed.

About Slab City –

Salvation Mountain in the wild Because there isn’t much else to do besides look around and fill your camera’s memory, even visitors who aren’t the most daring should think about spending at least an hour around Salvation Mountain before continuing their journey. If you find Salvation Mountain fascinating, you should know that Salvation Mountain is surrounded by two other unusual locations. Slab City, California What was once a Marine military base during the Second World War is now where people who want to get away from society and its rules meet. Slab City is in California. Squatters and snowbirds live in Slab City. Trailers can only be adapted in the most imaginative ways by RVs, tents, and the most permanent structures. There are no buildings. Every resident makes do with solar panels and a lot of creativity because there is no electricity, running water, or sewage.

Things to see in slab city Despite the fact that this “city” was constructed in California, which is also American soil, it is anarchic due to the absence of a representative of public order to uphold the rule of law rather than the fact that everyone is free to do as they please. If you decide to venture into Slab City, keep this in mind because any issue could escalate into something far greater than its initial scope. Here were also filmed a few scenes from the movie Into the Wild.