In recent years, Phnom Penh, formerly renowned as the “Pearl of Asia,” has become a dangerous and unstable place. However, in recent years, the city has been revitalised owing to fascinating markets, charming cafes, and a superb culinary scene. You’ll find all the information you need here to plan a vacation to the capital of Cambodia, including how to get to and from the airport, what to see and do while you’re there, and some of the best works of Cambodian literature to peruse before you go.

It’s easy to go to and from PNH.

You may go to and from Phnom Penh International Airport by using a taxi. Although there are no metres in the cabs, a pre-determined rate is available at both local and international ports. In most situations, a one-way trip to the city centre and nearby hotels costs about USD 10.

The remork is an alternate form of transportation between the airport and the city’s downtown area (Cambodian tuk tuk). The taxi stand close to the terminal is where the airport’s official remork organisers can be found. In most cases, a one-way taxi ride from the airport to the city centre or a nearby hotel costs about USD 5.

Even though the airport has no public transportation, certain hotels and guesthouses will give complimentary taxi or remork service to and from the airport upon request.

On the journey from Phnom Penh Airport to the waterfront in Phnom Penh, there are just a handful of metered taxis that may be hired for usage. The cost of a cab ride is USD 75 per kilometre. Cab Vantha and Global Meter Taxis are the two options for taxis here. In general, taxis that have been branded and designated with signs are reliable.

More and more people are turning to remorks as their primary form of transportation. The cost of short-distance transportation in the city is around USD 2 to 3. Four people can fit in a remork. Renting a Remork might cost anything from USD 15-20 per day, depending on how far and how long you want to go. Outside of hotels, tourist destinations, and other areas in and around Phnom Penh, hailing a remork is an easy process. Before setting off on your journey, make an effort to decrease the price.

Ride a cyclo to see the city at a slower speed than if you were to drive about on your own two feet. Cyclists in Cambodia are among of the poorest people in the country, and the Cycle Center is a non-profit organisation that helps them.

Walking is a great way to take in the views of the city at any time of day. Bag snatching and pickpocketing are frequent in Bangkok, as they are in other major cities. Be sure to leave valuables like your passport and expensive cameras and phones at home or in your car if you can. Maintain a cross-body bag that is securely connected to your body at all times. If you’re out for a walk late at night, stick with a group.