The Centennial State: Colorado’s Travel Guide

Living in a state where most of the world’s natural wonders are something you should be proud of. You can breathe fresh air, do extreme activities, and more in a place surrounded by nature. Colorado is well-known for its dramatic canyons, whitewater rapids, and passage through eleven US National Parks. It was branded as “The Centennial State” because it reached its 100 years after gaining the Declaration of Independence. Mountains and high altitudes define it and contribute significantly to its popularity as a tourist destination and high standard of living. If you are interested in living in this State because of many reasons, then there are the best places to live in Colorado. Visiting Colorado must be on your bucket list if you want to experience different adventures, and if you don’t know what to do, then this article might be for you!

Colorado is the eighth largest State in the US in terms of landmass. With this, there are many things to do in this centennial state like hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, wildlife viewing, and more. Here are some activities that you must try when visiting Colorado:

Fun Things To Do In Colorado

  • Art & Culture – If you are an artsy person, visiting different museums, galleries, performing arts theatres, and creative districts must be on your list. Music, dance, theater, and many arts are well-known in the Centennial State after presenting famous masterpieces and innovative new works. You can visit:
  • The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Estes Park Fine Arts
  • Colorado Winter Sports – When winter starts, people usually get lazy since there is a scientific explanation for why it impacts your mood. But if you are planning on visiting Colorado during the winter season, then you might want to try these activities:
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding and Tubbing
  • Ice fishing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Water Activities – It should come as no surprise that Colorado is a landlocked state. But just because they don’t have oceans at their disposal doesn’t mean they are short on summertime water activities. The snow in Colorado is about to melt and flow into many rivers and lakes. There is no surprise that a lot of people love water, and if you are one of them, you might as try these water activities:
  • Whitewater Paddleboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Rafting
  • Rent a party boat
  • Jet boating in the Colorado River
  • Summer Activities – You should expect Colorado’s summer weather to be warm during the day and cold at night, regardless of altitude. Take advantage of the State’s pleasant climate by venturing outside and enjoying the endless summer activities available throughout the State. Here are some summer activities that you would surely love to try:
  • Summer Hike
  • Mountain Biking and Cycling
  • Summer Camping
  • Riding a horse into the sunset
  • Cave exploring
  • Restaurant Hopping – If you are a foodie, most of your plans involve restaurant hopping. Try several foods at different Colorado restaurants to enjoy your Centennial State trip. These are some restos that you might want to try:
  • Buckhorn Exchange – Having the best-served cut of meat in Colorado should be on your travel list. The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s first steakhouse, is situated in the city’s oldest neighborhood and is only 5 minutes from downtown. A light-rail stop is directly across the street. Since 1893, the noble dishes from the Old West have been available at their National Historic Landmark and Western Museum.
  • Bingo Burger – Burgers are a must-try when traveling the US. Enjoy a lively restaurant serving gourmet hamburgers, fries, sauces, shakes, and craft brews.
  • Beau Jo’s – Visit the original Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs for some pizza, where they built their first oven and created the renowned Colorado Mountain Pie. 

Make sure to travel safely, and calculate all your itineraries beforehand to avoid money problems. Plan your Colorado trip wisely, especially if you want to enjoy all the famous restaurants and tourist spots in this Centennial State. Follow all safety guidelines when traveling in a foreign land.

Safety Guidelines in Colorado

Remember that there is always a risk in every fun thing you do. Here are some safety guidelines to jot down in your notes:

  1. Check the Weather – The weather in Colorado is notorious for being erratic and changing quickly. No of the season, especially if you’re at a high altitude, it might abruptly go from being bright and 70 degrees one minute to raining or possibly even snowing.
  2. Know the risk in every place you go – Since you are visiting a foreign site, there many things that you don’t know. Ensure to research the risk in every foreign land you see to be safe. Examples of potential risks are getting lost, being struck by lightning, getting hurt, developing hypothermia, and even dying accidentally.
  3. Map everything out – It’s critical to plan your walk before you set out, just as it’s crucial to monitor the weather and adjust your plans accordingly. Make sure you conduct some study beforehand and download a map to your phone (while you still have service). Bring a paper map instead, and you won’t have to worry if your phone battery runs out. Know that there are specific places in Colorado where you can’t get any signal, so better bring a map.

Colorado is undoubtedly an enticing place to visit. Have fun living or visiting the Centennial state while being safe. Remember to be good to locals since they know more about the place. Enjoy every travel you do!