Must-Have Hiking Gear for Your Next Adventure

Your first hiking trip can be a fantastic experience. There is nothing like the feeling of leaving everything behind and enjoying everything nature has to offer. The quickest way to have it devolve into something less pleasant is by failing to start with the proper gear.

Hiking Essentials

Here is a rundown of some essential gear you should have before setting out on your next trip.

  1. A Good Backpack — Your backpack should be one item for which you should be willing to open your wallet. The size should be large enough to hold enough supplies that will last the length of your trip. You also need to consider how much weight it will need to support, and if the style will help you manage the overall bulk.
  2. A Solid Pair of Boots — Your favorite basketball shoes might be good for the court, but you should look for something more practical when it comes to hiking. Look for hiking shoes or trail runners if the ground you cover will be relatively smooth. It is best to invest in a good pair of boots for extra support if you will be traveling over rocks or rugged terrain.
  3. Good Socks — Nothing can make a walk go sideways quicker than wearing the wrong socks. Cotton socks absorb moisture, making your feet feel heavier. Purchase wool or socks made from a synthetic material designed to keep your feet dry.
  4. Navigational Device — There are plenty of smartphone apps that serve as excellent navigational guides. Keep in mind that you may be traveling to places without a strong cell signal. You may want to invest in a navigational instrument not dependent on the internet to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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