Make your summer joyful in Goa

It is no doubt that Goa offers some favorite beaches destination in India. It has a laid back lifestyle, glorious scenic beaches, beach sports, natural tranquility, hippie vibe and the right place for the awesome parties. All these make Goa as the great destination all around the year but visiting such place during summer is quite a special memories to experience. Here are some of the reasons that make to choose Goa for your summer vacation.

It is cheaper

During summers the cottage in Goa for rent is slashed off but it is servers with the same facilities as of the other parts of the year. Moreover, flights to Goa are also cheaper that makes the traveling fee to be reduced. If you are looking for the luxurious on shoestring budget plan, no doubt you can move with the tour plan in Goa.

Make your evening romantic

Just imagine! You and your partner are watched only by the sun, sea, and sand without any other disturbances. This is going to be the best romantic time you may spend with each other. In summer, it is quite easy to snag the table at the beach shack and you may enjoy the romantic evening by the candlelight. Also, you may stay from the prying eyes! Share your love in the serene sunset cruise along the great Mandovi River.

Move high on adrenaline

Water sports are something that should never be missed to enjoy in Goa on your visit. some activities like parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat ride, dolphin spotting, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling takes a significant place in the state.

Show your talent in bargaining

With very less crowd the vendors at the Goa market will slash off the price of the commodities to have a sale. This helps in shopaholics to fill their bags with Goan specialties and souvenirs without having a huge dent in their pockets. Even for purchasing alcohol, summer becomes the right time since it offers it at a low price.

Try the delicious Goan cuisine

The trip to Goa will not be successful without tasting some local delicious dishes like pork vindaloo, sorpotel, prawn balchao, Goan fish curry, fish recheado, bebinca and most importantly the local liquor, Goan feni. These can be enjoyed only in those particular places.

 Some festivals

Goa is also the places that celebrate some festivals all around the year but most of them are during the summer from March to May. In the list of festivals, Shigmo in March is the street festival to portray Goan life with some folk dance is noteworthy. Easter in March or April, Grape Escapade in April is a wine festival and Goan food and Music festival in April is celebrated Goan delicious and music needs to be visited.

No more time to think! As soon as the summer begins, look for the right cottages in Goa for rent and move there. Stay for a few days and make every moment to be beautiful and collect more memories that stand all your life.