Marrakech desert tours 3 days

Moroccans have a very distinct pattern of praising a certain item. In Chefchaouen’s case, that’s Jben – traditional Moroccan goat cheese. During Marrakech desert tours 3 days, you’ll be exposed to many Moroccan flavours, and Jben will definitely be one of them.

Jben is emblematic to Chefchaouen. Regional Moroccan cuisine relies on Jben for some dishes, while a vast majority consume this milky delight on a daily basis during breakfast.

There are, however, misconceptions. And we’re not the diligent company we think we are unless we delve into complex concepts that require meticulous attention. In this case: cheese.

Goat cheese?

The first question is, and we get asked this question quite frequently, is goat cheese and Jben the same?    No.

First off, unlike goat cheese, Jben can last up to 30 days. Secondly, there’s a heavy emphasis on the way the goats are bred. They are fed in natural pasture and graze on local herbs. The mountainside is a rich environment with various plants. Also, the Jben is fermented and added salt in order to preserve it.


Upon tasting Jben, people tend to think that it takes a high-production factory to produce Jben – it’s mostly made in Moroccan households. Jben takes 15 minutes to be made, and the fermentation process takes about 10 hours – which is very little, considering the level of delight one experiences when taking their first bite.

Since Jben is produced by families, you’ll notice that it’s not as popular as other kinds of cheese in Morocco.

Desert tours from Fes

If you think explore Fes and Marrakech on 3 days, I advice you to book your Fes to Marrakech desert tour. it’s a great experience to discover Erg Chebbi Desert excursions  with at least an overnight camel trek and stay under the stars at night.

So for those looking into descovring Morocco desert tours from Marrakech  to explore the road between Marrakech and Merzouga through fes, this amazing review of a 3-day desert tour from fes to marrakech is you chance to  understand what to really expect.