Manaslu Circuit Trek Full Guide 

Manaslu Circuit Trek – Explore the hidden treasure beyond the Himalaya  

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best off-beaten trails in the Annapurna Region. It treks around the world’s eighth highest mountain Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit is one of the popular trekking destinations; It gives you the combination of the supreme Himalayan vistas along with the varieties of flora and fauna. It lies to the east of the Annapurna Himalayan Range. This unique trek is your gateway to the vibrant cultural heritages along with a touch of nature’s elegance.

If you love to take challenges and adventure, Manaslu Circuit Trek can be the ideal choice. It is one of the challenging treks that rushes up your adrenaline level with each step ahead on the trek. In Manaslu Circuit Trek, there are various mysteries regarding the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost, Itinerary which we will disclose later on.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary 

An interesting fact about the trek is that it was open to tourists only in the 1990s. Therefore, it is one of the most under-explored places in the Annapurna Region. A perfect trek for someone who wants something different but with jaw-dropping scenery every time. The Itinerary regarding Manaslu Circuit Trek depends on the days of the package.

The trek starts as soon as you arrive in Kathmandu. Therefore, you can prepare well for the remaining trek. First things first, you do sightseeing around Kathmandu, a perfect way to be refreshed and prepare for the hike afterward. Continuing the journey from Kathmandu to Soti Khola is the second milestone of the circuit trek. However, the walking starts from Soti Khola. Therefore, walking around 6-7 hours every day is a must. In addition to this, The trip continues onward to Syange with a peak altitude of 5135 meters at Larkya La Pass. It is the highest point that you get to reach on the trek. It doesn’t matter you are of which age; you will have ultimate fun in the trek. Consequently, it can be an experience of a lifetime.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit Cost

Firstly, it is a trek around the Annapurna Region that brings you closer to nature and wildlife. However, everything comes with a cost. During the trip, you need to stay in the hotels and travel too. Most of the prices sit around this. However, you also need three kinds of permits to go on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. To trek around in the Manaslu Region, you need three permits. Above all, The cost of whose depends on the month and the number of days to be spent on the trek.

  • Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

Your trekking planner arranges all the permits. Because of its average duration and exclusivity, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a comparatively expensive trek. Prices vary between $1000 and $1400 per person.

Why Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Annapurna Circuit Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek are two of the busiest treks in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is all about exploring the Annapurna Circuit. However, it provides a more genuine and natural experience. If you are someone who wants comparatively remote rugged trails, then Manaslu Trek is the ultimate choice. In addition to this, Manaslu Trek is the secluded version of the Annapurna Trek. Villages on the Manaslu Circuit had poor access that needed modern infrastructures to provide the best services during your journey. Therefore, a trekker’s visit to the villages is very uplifting for the economic status of people too.

Above all, Larkya La Pass is the highest point of the trek. Therefore, it is a significant reason for people wanting to go to the Manaslu Circuit Trek. In addition, you are open to seeing the most exquisite views of the snow-capped mountain peaks from Larkya La Pass. Trust me, all of these things make Manaslu Circuit Trek the most thrilling experience you can have in life

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal, destined to provide you an exquisite experience around the mountains of the Annapurna Region. The trek highlights include substantial gorges, high mountain passes, gorgeous villages, and numerous flora and fauna. It is pretty similar to Manaslu Circuit Trek. Annapurna Circuit Trek is a comparatively easier trek as compared to Manaslu Trek has rugged trails. Annapurna has dramatic landscapes and exquisite mountain vistas. Meanwhile, Manaslu offers a more vibrant cultural experience. Not to forget, Both treks are your opportunities to make the most out of your time in the Annapurna Region. There is another option for combining Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek name Manaslu Annapurna Circuit Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is known as “The Last Forbidden Kingdom” as tourist activities started only after 1992. It is one of the least-explored regions of Nepal and the home to the snow-capped Himalayas in the semi-independent Tibetan Kingdom. Trek to Upper Mustang allows travelers to enjoy the most amazing Himalayan landscapes in the most natural way possible. It is your textbook on Tibetan culture. You get to learn a lot about the Tibetan culture and lifestyles from Upper Mustang Trek. Due to the relative isolation from the world, Upper Mustang is under-explored and still has not lost its natural touch.

All in all, Manaslu Circuit Trek is the perfect choice for travelers who wants an adventurous experience on the Annapurna Circuit. No traveler will fail to be amused by the incredible natural beauty Nepal has. An essence of vibrant culture sprinkled in the natural beauty is the highlight of the trek. If you are making a plan for your next holiday trip, make sure Manaslu Trek is on the top of your bucket list. Life is beautiful. Traveling makes it more. Why not make it more fun by coming to the Manaslu Circuit Trek that has everything to make you bamboozled.