How to Choose the Best Time for a Sailboat Charter Vacation?

If you are thinking about booking a fully crewed or bareboat yacht charter in one of the most popular cruising locations of the world, then it is also worth considering when would be the best time to go on the trip, based on your location preferences and the budget. While high and low season vary in different locations, off-season trips are best for those on tighter budgets.

Most people go sailing in one of the popular locations, such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the Bahamas. Some sailboat charter rental companies are also capable of providing useful advice about the weather and the seasons. In Clouds Sailing yacht rental will always support you in this regard when providing boat charter services. It is also helpful to consult local resources and experienced yacht captains who know the region well. 

When To Go To The Mediterranean?

Going to the Mediterranean is best during the summer. Several regions in the Mediterranean offer more favorable weather conditions compared to some northern locations. During the busy summer season there may be limited boat rental options. Also, some yachts are available at the quayside only for events – for example, yachts are used for entertainment, rather than for cruising, during the Cannes festival. 

Yacht rental locations in the Mediterranean usually offer a wide variety of boat choices, and increasing number of clients arrive here to go sailing in some of the most popular locations, St Tropez being one of them. Thus, renting a boat in this region requires in-advance planning. Keep in mind that yacht charter is considered reserved after finalization of charter contract. 

When To Go To The Caribbean?

While the Caribbean region usually enjoys warm weather throughout the year, still there are certain times that will allow for experiencing a sailing trip at its best. With limited summertime, locations like Leeward are considered as a promising winter vacation destination. Many other locations such as the Virgin Islands can boast of all types of charter yachts available throughout the year. Among locations that require in-advance planning, these Caribbean locations are the most popular.

Summer sailing in the Caribbean is great because of the stable temperature conditions. Most of the sailors long for the tropical sun, balmy trades, and turquoise water. This is the reason the winter prices here are usually higher when compared with the rest of the year. 

New Year and Christmas is the time when the Caribbean islands witness peak traffic and are extremely busy with people from all over the world flowing in to celebrate to the brim. In cases like this, charter rentals need to be planned in advance, and the boat rental costs tend to rise during the holiday season.

When To Go To Bahamas?

Bahamas is one of the most popular charter destinations that welcome tourists all year round, as most of its island groups promise similar weather patterns throughout the year. Public holidays can be a significant factor for dockage conditions, for example in Nassau. 

Winter in the Bahamas can be a little unsettled, and summer has a chance of hurricanes, that may affect charter journeys. However, nowadays there is technology that allows for predicting upcoming storm conditions, so there is no need to worry about this too much. 

Where you’d like to go and when largely depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. High seasons are the most desirable times to sail, and if you’d like to take advantage of the season, you need to choose carefully and plan well in advance.