Some of the Best Ways to Travel from Newark to Manhattan


Traveling from Newark airport to Manhattan can be pretty confusing. It will be confusing if you are not familiar with New York. The first and foremost thing that you should know is that Newark airport is not in New York. You should know that Newark Liberty International Airport, also known as EWR, is in New Jersey. However, the airport is close to Manhattan near the Hudson River. You can get to most parts of the city pretty fast, compared to if you were flying into LaGuardia Airport or JFK. Newark airport is around 19 miles from Manhattan’s central business district. It also depends on which route you are taking. Many people would like to know about the transportation from Newark airport to Manhattan. So, continue reading to explore more of the subject.

Using Express Buses- 

It mainly depends on the day and time you arrive and also the method of transportation that you choose for the trip from Newark to Manhattan. It will take around half an hour to an hour for the trip to be completed. You can also take the Newark airport bus. You can find many express buses that go from Newark to Manhattan and also the other way round. The Newark airport express is one such kind of bus. It will pick up passengers at every terminal and drop them off at the following: Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park, Times Square, and so on. You should also note that it is not a cheap method; it is more costly than riding a train. Since there are several stops, you can get off very close to wherever you need to go in Manhattan.

Using Air Train- 

The Newark airport express, one-way ticket will cost you around $19 for an adult. You can also choose an air train. The best and cheapest way to get from Newark airport to Manhattan is by air train. You can travel by air train from Newark International Airport to Manhattan and New Jersey Transit for around $13 per person. You can take an air train from your arrival destination to an airport train station, where you can board a New Jersey transit train to get down at New York’s Penn Station 24×7. Also, you should note that the NJ Transit train will not run between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. every night. It depends on the location of your motel, where you can take a subway bus, uber, cab, or even walk. It is better that you take a bus or cab if you have a lot of luggage, are travelling with kids, or are a senior citizen.

Using the Shuttle-

You can also travel from Newark to Manhattan by shuttle. If you wish to save money and don’t want to travel by train or bus, then you can choose the Airlink NYC shuttle to get from Newark airport to Manhattan. Choose Airlink NYC, which is an approved partner of NYC and NJ port authorities. You can reserve the shuttle in advance and this way, your driver will track your flight and wait in case there is any kind of delay. The airlink shuttle from NYC will cost around $21 one-way. Booking a taxi or Uber is the other way. Also, you can book an EWR airport parking spot and drive your way.