Why Still Dubai Is A Famous Destination For Tourism


Dubai is a beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates; Mostly peoples love to explore its beauty then other UAE’s Cities. It has a lot of tourist attractions with few main categories like Desert Adventures including Dubai Desert safari Tours, Overnight stay inside the Arabian Desert.

Second one is beautiful Beaches; third one is world’s tallest skyscrapers to explore and excellent transportation system including Metro. There are many shopping centers, hotels and malls in Dubai that make it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

Dubai is a Safest and Friendly City

Dubai is a universal city and the land of world’s highest building. It’s also the home to many emigrants, who make up more than 75% of its population. Now, a high number of foreigners are living here. You’ll find that Dubai is a friendly place to visit for any traveler looking for an exciting vacation experience or even business purposes. The city has become known as one of the safest places in all over the world due to its strict laws against crime and violence. This means that tourists are able to feel safe while exploring their surroundings without having feared that they’ll get mugged or robbed on their way home from work each day, as well as multinational companies started to move their head offices in Dubai.

Dubai has Huge Number of Tourist Attractions and Events

You can find unlimited Tourist Destinations in Dubai. There are many cultural events, sports events and music events in Dubai. You can enjoy all these things with your family or friends during your vacation in Dubai.

Dubai has an excellent transportation system

Dubai has an excellent transportation system. It has a good public transportation system, which includes the metro, bus and taxi systems. The Dubai Metro is the most efficient transport system in the world and it can be used by everyone from any part of Dubai to any other part of the city within 60 minutes or less.

Dubai also offers car rental services at affordable prices compared to other countries such as USA or Germany etc.

Beautiful Beaches in Dubai Make It a Popular Tourist Destination

Dubai is famous for its beaches. There are many beautiful and famous beaches in Dubai, which makes it a popular tourist destination. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai:

  • The world’s largest manmade arch and bridge, Jumeirah Beach Park, features a wide range of activities including windsurfing and SUP (stand up paddleboarding) surfing lessons on its water front. You can also watch dolphins from your deck or rent beach chairs for sunbathing on sand.
  • Located at JBR Beachfront Hotel & Spa (JBR) this beach has been awarded “World’s Best Beach” by Forbes Travel Guide Magazine in 2010-2011 edition of their annual list based on quality of water clarity along with other factors like being cleanest beach around due to its popularity among locals who use it every day while they go out during weekends too.

Dubai is the fastest growing tourism hub in the world

Dubai is the fastest growing tourism hub in the world, with a huge number of tourist attractions and events. It has an excellent transportation system that makes it easy to get around and see all that Dubai has to offer.

The majority of visitors come to Dubai for its beaches, which are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Shopping Centers, Hotels and Malls in Dubai

Dubai is a famous destination for tourism because there are many shopping centers, hotels and malls in Dubai. There are many shopping centers, hotels and malls in different areas of the city. The price range of these places varies from very cheap to expensive ones.

Dubai Is Still One Of The Most Famous Tourist Destinations In The World.

Dubai is still one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy any kind of events or attractions that you want to see. The transportation system in Dubai is excellent, and there are many beautiful beaches as well as other attractions for tourists who come here to visit Dubai.


Dubai is a city of spectacular beauty and endless opportunities. The city has become an international tourist destination due to its cosmopolitan nature, friendly people and the many attractions that exist there. There are many hotels in Dubai so you can stay in one of them if you want to explore Man Made Beauty of Dubai.