What are the Top Attractions in McDonough, Georgia you should not Miss

Are you planning a vacation with your family or friends? Rest assured to search for a suitable destination that is not overcrowded with travelers and has scenic beauty to explore. If that is your idea of a dream destination, consider visiting McDonough, Georgia. The place is not on the radar of tourists yet, but that is what makes the place so special.

Let us delve into several things to explore during your visit to enjoy a great vacation experience.

If you were interested in a travel destination that is not overcrowded and offers the best possible experience, rest assured that McDonough, Georgia would offer you numerous places to visit.

Things to explore in McDonough Georgia

Exploring Georgia would begin with its unique city and capital, located on the Mktvari River – Tbilisi. The city is well-connected through flights from all parts of the world. The usual transfers would be at Istanbul Airport. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to gather adequate information before booking a cheap shuttle, preferably with a driver conversant with the English language.

Consider exploring the narrow streets of Freedom Square, and walking to the National Museum. You could also venture to the Narikala Fortress offering breathtaking views. You could also visit various temples of different religions in the capital.

Wine lovers could plan a day trip to the Kakheti region, a perfect place for travelers and vacationers. You could explore the beautiful churches and taste the excellent wine in various cellars located at regular intervals throughout the city.

Yet another place worth exploring would be the former ancient capital, located outside Tbilisi – the city of Mtskheta. Rest assured that Mtskheta is worth exploring. You would not like to miss anything in the ancient former capital. Things not to miss here would be inclusive of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

For nature lovers, exploring the village of Stepansminda would be a great starting point accessed through high mountain passes. Mount Kazbek would astound you with its five thousand meters height along with other adjoining mountain tops.

Other places to visit in McDonough, Georgia would be the monasteries in the Gareja Desert, and Batumi on the Black Sea Coast. Plan a trip to Georgia to discover the blend of culture and aesthetic nature.